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How to Fix “iMessage not Working” Problem in iOS 10

Technology is never flawless. Even the iPhone users can face problems. iMessage App that recently initiated in iOS 10 has few issues like iMessage Activation Failed/ Stuck, Message Sending Failed, iMessage App Crashed, and Unable to receive messages, etc. We are often visiting Apple Care to fix the issues related to iMessage not working.

iOS/ iPhone common issues

There are few other problems with iOS devices like your iPhone battery won’t charge. Sometimes, any app is not working. It does not happen with all of the users, but often there are some minor issues you need to fix. Here, I am going to discuss a very common problem the iPhone users face.

Some users complain that when they installed the update on their iOS device, the iMessage app stopped working. It becomes a very irritating situation. Huh! No issues. Just follow the fixes I have offered you below, and you will have a sigh of relief in no time.

Fix for iMessage Not Working

If you face any below-mentioned issues with iMessage app in iOS 10, then just try to apply the fix that we gave below. In case the fix doesn’t work for you then better to visit Apple Care Center.

Issue # 1: Message Sending Failed

Occasionally, you try to send messages by using iMessage app, and the app shows that sending is failed time and again. You need to apply the following method to fix this problem.


  • You should disconnect the internet. Wait for a while and reconnect it to 3G or 4G network connection.
  • Now tap the option “Alert” and make another effort to send the message.
  • Go to iMessage “Settings” option.
  • Select “Message” option here.
  • Now disable iMessage from here. Wait for a few minutes and enable this option again.
  • Now restart the iOS device to apply changes.

Issue # 2: iMessage Activation is Failed/Stuck

If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 10 and you see that it is showing the iMessage activation is failed or stuck, just follow the method below to fix the problem.


  • It may be due to the incorrect time and date. So go to “Settings.”
  • Tap the category “General” here.
  • Now select the option “Date & Time” from the given options.
  • Tap to the option “Set Automatically” and check if your device is connected to the network connection.
  • Now enable the “Airplane” mode. Wait for a few seconds and disable it again.
  • That’s all. I am sure it will resolve your issue.

Issue # 3: iMessage Crashed/Freeze

Sometimes, after installation of updates, you realize that you are unable to read the received messages. When you open the iMessage application, it shows you a freezing/crashing report.


  • You need to send a message to the concerned person by using Siri.
  • When you receive the reply from him, just delete it.
  • Now reset the iOS device by using Message settings.
  • I am sure; it will take you out of the grim situation of iMessage being crashed or stuck.

Issue # 4: iMessage is Unable to Receive Message

In iOS devices, you can send green and blue bubbled messages. If you are not receiving messages after an iOS 10 update, you should follow the below-given steps to fix this problem.

  • You need to reset the network settings.
  • Disable the LTE.
  • Now go to “Settings.”
  • Tap here the “General” category.
  • Now select “Reset” option.
  • Here, you need to choose the option “Reset Network Settings.”

Issue # 5: Unable to Open iMessage App

If you fail to open the iMessage or the app looks white/blank, it means there is some software problem. You need to reboot your iOS device.

For Reboot:

  • Keep pressing the “Power” button until you see the option “Slide to power off” on the screen.
  • Now power it off.
  • Wait for about 2 minutes and then press the Power button to reboot it.

For Hard Reboot:

  • Keep pressing down the “Home” key and press the “Power” button at the same time.
  • It will show you the company’s logo.
  • Now leave the buttons and tap to the “Settings.”
  • Here, you should select “General” category from the list.
  • Select “Reset” now.
  • Here, you need to choose the option “Reset All Settings” that will erase the settings you made. It will bring the iPhone to the state it was purchased.

Change iMessage Settings

You need to modify the iMessage settings to remove this problem.

  • Go to the “Settings” icon.
  • Tap the “Messages” option here.
  • Now select the option “iMessages” from the list.
  • It is enabled when you open. You need to disable the app.
  • Now restart the phone.
  • Again come to the settings of iMessages and enable the app.

That’s all guys! You will see it is working and there is no more message sending or receiving an error in the app. It is working well now.

Originally posted 2016-11-21 21:25:16.