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How to enable iPhone Hotspot?


iPhone Hotspot:

We can share the internet connection available on your phone to any other device?  Do you know that we have such features available with our phone? Let’s see, what is the feature that helps to share the internet connection? And, how this can be done? A hotspot is said to be a physical location which provides internet connection across an area. It resembles almost like a Wi-Fi connection.  The mobile hotspot can be shared across any device such as iOS and Android device or any other kind of device along with laptops or Mac books.

If you want to enable hotspot on an iOS device, make sure that you have a SIM inserted in it. In order to enable iPhone hotspot, you must have a cellular connection available with the device. In case of other platform devices or even laptops, in order to share mobile hotspot, you need not have cellular data available with it. Let’s have a glance of how we can turn on iPhone hotspot, on an Apple iOS mobile device having cellular connection. At first, you need to  turn on your phone and navigate to Settings page by tapping on Settings icon. Tap on Cellular option from the settings page. If you have a SIM inserted on your phone, you can find the Personal Hotspot option under Cellular tab; otherwise you can’t find this option.

iphone hotspot

You can share the mobile hotspot which might be either Cellular of Wi-Fi with other devices. Turn on the Personal Hotspot option enabled and provide the Wi-Fi password if you want to share it with Wi-Fi or you can simply share the internet connection with cellular data. If you disable the Hotspot option after use, turn off the toggle button. This is how you can share your internet connection with the help of hotspot feature.


Originally posted 2015-04-28 08:21:52.