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How to enable iPhone developer mode with the help of Mac machine?

enable iPhone developer mode

Generally, it’s very simple to enable developer mode/ developer options on an Android device because you can find them each and every time from your device Settings. But it is not so simple in the case of iOS devices i.e., Enable iPhone Developer Mode on iPhone or iPad.

Procedure to enable iPhone developer mode:

For this, you require a Mac machine to view the developer options. Let’s have a glance of the complete details of how to enable iPhone developer mode with the support of Mac Machine.

  • Get the device on which you need to enable developer mode and connect it to the Mac machine with the help of a USB cable.
  • Now launch Settings application on iPhone or iPad and scroll up the Settings page.
  • When the device is connected to Mac the iPhone developer options or the iPad developer options can be seen on the Settings page.

Enable iPhone Developer Mode or iPad Developer Mode using Mac Machine:

Always remember that you cannot see the options to enable iPhone developer mode and enable iPad developer mode when disconnected from the Mac machine.

iTunes Sync

Enable iPhone Developer Mode or iPad Developer Mode using iTunes:

  • In case if you cannot find the Developer option from the Settings page, then disconnect the iOS device with Mac machine and re-connect it.
  • Launch iTunes application on Mac machine and check whether the device is displayed in iTunes window or not.
  • Once the device is shown under header options in iTunes window, click on it and navigate to the device details view.
  • Click on the Sync button to sync the settings and device data with the Mac machine.

enable iphone developer mode or developer options

  • Then re-launch Settings application on iPhone or iPad and scroll up the Settings page.
  • Now, you find the Developer option under Settings page.
  • Click on the Developer option to view the Developer settings.

Now turn on the toggle button beside Enable UI Automation option to enable iPhone developer mode or enable iPad developer mode. This is how you can enable developer options on iPhone or iPad.

Why to Enable Developer Options on iOS devices iPhone, iPad:

Enabling Developer Mode on iOS devices is a little tricky on iOS devices. And, these options are very needful to a iOS app developers. Below mentioned are the iOS developer options uses:

  • By using these developer options a developer can access Logs from the iOS devices.
  • Users can access Bug reports.
  • Users/ Developers can report App/ Game bugs to iTunes.

These are the uses and advantages of enabling developer options or developer mode on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Originally posted 2016-03-01 23:20:02.