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How to download, install, use Breeze app on iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC


What is Breeze app for Mac, PC, iPad, iPod Touch?

The Breeze app is designed for mobile banking by the Standard Chartered Bank. It provides an easy, simple and faster banking services which has ever seen before.  Standard Chartered Bank was established in Hong Kong and it is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered PLC. This bank is one of the leading banking service providers and is operating from the past 150 years.  Standard Chartered Bank understood the need of users for mobile banking and designed the app. It has robotic features and easy to use tools that help in the management of the app.  You can pay bills; purchase items; transfer funds and can borrow loans. You can apply also for credit cards or repay the credit card bills using this app.


  • This app is iPhone 5 optimized.
  • It requires 4.3 or later versions of iOS.
  • The Standard Chartered Breez app is compatible majorly with iPhone, iPad and also iPod touch

Download and Install Breeze app on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC and Mac:
You can download and install the Standard Chartered Breez app on any of the iOS devices by using a valid Apple ID. Simply login with an Apple ID and search for the app from App Store. This app is region specific and you need to install the app specific to your region. For example: if you are residing in the state of Nigeria, you need to install Breeze Nigeria app. Tap on the Get button followed by Install button to begin the installation progress.

breeze app


You can also browse the Standard Chartered Bank application in any web browser on your PC or Mac machines by clicking on Standard Chartered Breeze URL.

How to use Breeze app?
Launch the app which is developed by the Standard Chartered Bank on your device and login with your username and password which is provided along with your bank account. If you sign up into an account by providing your mobile number, ATM card number and pin. You can login to the app and enjoy the online banking services.

nigeria bank app

Tap on the See icon at the bottom of the screen to view your account balance, transactions history etc… You can transfer funds, pay bills etc… by tapping on the Move icon at the bottom of the screen. You can manage your account by requesting Cheque books or bank statements. You can manage such kind of requests with a single tap on the Manage icon. Also request for help or customer support by tapping on Help and Contact options. The customer support service is 24/7 and you can avail this offer at any time. Once your transactions are done, tap on the Logout button to be safe and secure.


Originally posted 2015-01-26 16:01:18.