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How to Download, Install and Use Superb app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC?


What is Superb app for Mac, PC, iPad, iPod Touch?

Superb app allows you to remember the places you want to visit in an easier way.  You can add or organize the places you want to go with a single swipe on the Superb app. This app helps you in finding out new places and stores the list of places you are willing to visit. See the places which are in common with your friends by sharing them with a single swipe. Explore the places that were suggested by friends or familiar people. Also converse with your friends to check out the places you want to visit.


  • Compatible devices with Superb app are iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.
  • It requires 8.0 or later versions of iOS.
  • This app is optimized specially for iPhone 5.

Download and Install Superb app on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and PC:
Download and install the latest version of Superb app on iPod touch, iPhone or iPad devices by using a valid Apple Id from App Store. Open the app details modal of the app and then tap on Get button to begin the downloading progress. Once the app is installed on your device, it appears on the home screen of the device.

Also download and install this app on PC or Mac machines from iTunes. In order to enjoy this app on PC or Mac machines, a simulator must be installed on your machine. Install a simulator i.e., either BlueStacks or iPadian simulator on your machine, enjoy the feel of working on a real device.

How to use Superb app?

Superb app for Mac PC iPad iPhone

Launch this app on any of the iOS device and enter your current location. Tap on the Search icon to find the nearest places around you along with their distances and time taken. Swipe over on any of the location from the suggestions list that you need to visit and add them to the To Do list.  Search for few other places that you want to visit in the near future. List out the places and add the desired locations to the To Do list.

Also search for the places your friends have suggested or compare the places that you have listed with your friends list. Take suggestions from the people who has visited those places and based on their opinion make a list of the places. Save the places from your friends list and also converse with them to take a decision. This app helps the people who want to visit new places or those who want to travel around the world.


Originally posted 2015-01-27 20:25:16.