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How to download, Install and Use IFTTT app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC

IFTTT app on iPhone

What is IFTTT and How to use IFTTT?

In IFTTT app users are given the ability to create the simple conditional statements, which are called as recipes and are triggered based on the changes upon other web services like Craigslist, Instagram, Google Reade and Gmail etc… It is abbreviated as “If This Then That”. This web service which was initially launched in the month of September 2011 and was created by Jesse Tane, Linden Tibbets and the co-founder Alexander Tibbets. The recipes of IFTTT are widely shared and used by a number of users. About fifteen million recipes were used each and every day. The IF TTT app is available for iOS mobile version from 2013. Three exclusive channels like iOS Contacts, Photos and Reminders are available for iPhone along with this app.  Later it is available for iPad along with a new iOS Notifications channel.


  • IF TTT app is optimizes for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 devices.
  • It is compatible with devices like iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.
  • This app requires 7.0 or later versions of iOS.

Download and install IFTTT app on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and PC:
Download and install the latest version of IF TTT app on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using a valid Apple ID from App Store. Tap on Get button from the app details modal of the app and begin the install progress.

As it is a web service, you can enjoy the services of the app online or you can download and install the app on Mac or PC. In order to install the app on PC or Mac machines, you need to install a simulator. Install either BlueStacks or iPadian simulators on your machine and enjoy the experience of working with the app.

Overview of IFTTT app:
IFTTT lets you to create powerful connections with a single statement. You can activate your channels and create your own Recipes on IFTTT. Various concepts involved in the IF TTT app are as listed as below:

IFTTT Recipes

Action: It is the “that” part of a recipe and describes the consequences led by specific triggers.

Channel: The channel describes the series of data from web services like Gmail, Youtube etc… There are about 140 channels as of now. It also describes certain action controlled API’s like SMS etc… It is also called as “basic building blocks” of IFTTT.

Ingredients: These are the basic elements of a trigger.

IFTTT Recipes: Recipe combines action as well as trigger in a specific channel. It is the main component and the term means “If this then that”.

IF-TTT GPS location

Trigger: It is the “this” part of the recipe and describes an assumptive event that results in an action. The trigger that you can choose always depends upon the channel that you select.


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