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How to Download, Install and use Codecademy on iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac

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What is Codecademy app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad devices, PC and Mac?

Codecademy is an online interactive platform which offers free coding classes to users. It offers coding classes in six different languages such as HTML/CSS, Java Script, and jQuery, Python, Ruby and PHP. It also offers classes in making a Website, Interactive website and Rails application. Each individual who joins in this app has their own profile. In order to motivate the users it is offering exercises, challenges and displays it to other people also.


  • This app is optimized for iPhone 5 specially.
  • iPod touch, iPhone and iPad are compatible with this app
  • This app requires iOS 7.0 or later versions.

Download and Install Codecademy on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad devices, PC and MAC:
You can download and install the Codecademy app for iOS devices from App Store. Create an Apple Id and install the Codecademy app from App Store.  As the app is also an online web service you can navigate to Codecademy URL and can sign up or login with an account.

How to work with Codecademy app:

codecademy app

Launch the Codecademy app on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and then login or sign up with an account on the iOS device.  The app starts by introducing you the basic concepts behind the apps on your phone and the websites. Here, we have a Code Hour which is the best way to begin from zero to programming. It also provides a great reference to refresh your mind of concepts that you need to know every day. Easy examples were given to you in the episodes. Tap on Next Episode to view the episodes one by one. You need to learn by using the examples how it works and powers the web.  Tap on the Start button to begin coding. This app also provides you a forum where beginners, enthusiasts and advanced coders comes together and helps each other.  Even for some courses, there are Sandboxes where users can test out their own code.

code academy app

Start the training with a single tap.  Program your own code using this app and review it whenever you have free time. Tap on Run button to begin the execution of code that you have written. Make a webpage using this app with your own details such as photo, biography and share it with your friends from the basics you have learnt using this app. Learn how to create websites, games and programming underpins apps etc… using this app and create a new feature. You can learn the basics of any of the available six languages such as HTML/CSS, Java Script, and jQuery, Python, Ruby and PHP. Tap on the Next Section button to view other sections of code or tap on Retake button to exercise the same section. Learn as many languages as you desire and enjoy the fun of playing with code.


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