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Download, Play Trivia Crack game on PC, Mac, iPhone

trivia crack game on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad

Trivia Crack gaming app developed by Etermax, which has also designed modern games like Trivial Pursuit. It is one of the favorite games among the list of games available on App Store, and it is the most downloaded game from App Store. It has become number one game in the US and Canadian market. It has a bright, intuitive and sophisticated interface with live animations at each and every step.

What is Trivia Crack?

Trivia Crack is a puzzle game; It gives questions randomly on different streams like maths, physics, biology, History, and Geography, etc. It helps to improve your general knowledge and IQ. This app is currently available in Catalan, English (US and UK), French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Spin the wheel and choose a category to play the game. You can pose a challenge with your friends and can also gain knowledge in many areas.

You can have a live chat with friends and opponents along with the gameplay. Play the game by using the strategies and test your knowledge in various aspects.


  • Trivia Crack gaming app is compatible with the devices like iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.
  • This app is optimized especially for iPhone 5.
  • It requires 6.0 or later versions of iOS.

Download Trivia Crack for PC (Mac, Windows)

You can download and install the Trivia Crack game on Mac or PC machines from iTunes by installing a simulator. The simulator acts as a resemblance of a real iOS device. Install either BlueStacks or iPadian simulator on your computer and further install the Trivia Crack app on any of these simulators.

Trivia Crack Best game in 2014

Download Trivia Crack for iPhone/iPad/iOS

Coming to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, iOS devices you can directly install the Trivia Crack gaming app from App Store. You can download and install the app from App Store using a valid Apple ID.

Begin the installation progress, by tapping on the Get button from the app details model.

How to play Trivia Crack?

Trivia Crack game is something which is different from the other games that we usually play. It is a kind of game which makes you more and smarter by providing knowledge along with fun. It is a type of smash hit game, where you can pit against your friends in different categories to know whether he has knowledge of trivia or not.

As it is, a free app you can install it on your phones avails knowledge in different categories. There are about six types in this game. They are Art, Entertainment, Geography, History, Science, and Sports.

Each class has a unique character, and you can only obtain all other six categories if and only if you complete a level of the game.


Here we will have a spinning wheel which decides your division and the chance of playing the trivia crack game. Wily spins the wheel and lets you know the type that you get.

Apply strategies to the gameplay and earn coins throughout the play.

Get the unique advantages of PowerUps and extra spins by collecting coins which make you win against your opponents. You can also steal your opponent characters by playing tricks.

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