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How to Download, Install and Play Stunt Guy 2.0 on iPhone, Mac, iPad


How to Download, Install and Play Stunt Guy 2.0 on iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPad Air, Mac Book and Mac:

What is STUNT GUY 2.0 ?
Do you have a Bike or a Car? Do you like to ride your vehicle stylishly? Here is a game to do stunts on car. STUNT GUY 2.0 is a car riding game and it is very fun to play this game. There are different levels in different tracks. You need to complete these tracks successfully to complete a level. STUNT GUY 2.0 is designed and developed by Kempt Ltd. The size of the game is a little high that is 93.4 MB. STUNT GUY 2.0 is free game available in App Store.


How to Download and Install STUNT GUY 2.0 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Air and iPad mini?
Downloading and Installing STUNT CITY 2.0 is very easy. Download STUNT CITY 2.0 from app tore using the link STUNT CITY 2.0 Download. After downloading the game install it on your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPad Touchusing iTunes. Choose iPhone or iPad while you are downloading the game from app store. You can also download install directly on your iOS device using your device’s app store.

How to Download and Install STUNT GUY 2.0 on Mac, Mac Book and PC?
As you play STUNT GUY game on iPhone and iPad, you can also play the same game on Mac, Mac Book and PC. You need to Install the game on Mac. You can’t play an iPhone game on Mac. But you can play the same game as Andriod version on Mac. For this you need to install an android player on your Mac, Mac book or PC. Install Bluestacks emulator on Mac, Mac book or PC. Now install STUNT GUY 2.0 on your Android player. You can enjoy the game on Mac and PC also.

STUNT GUY game menu

STUNT GUY 2.0 compatibility with iPhone, iPad and iOS:
This game is compatible with the following devices:

  • You must require iOS 6 or the later versions.
  • Your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad can be installed with STUNT GUY 2.0
  • This game is optimized for iPhone 5.

How to Play STUNT GUY 2.0?
STUNT GUY 2.0 is a fun and interesting game. All you need to do is, observe the track and play carefully without colliding with other vehicles. There are two arrows at bottom. one is left side and other is right side. By tapping on left bottom arrow, your car will move to left side. And by tapping right bottom arrow, your car will move right side.


The animations in this game are outstanding. There are two characters in this game. One is male cartoon type character and other is Female cartoon type character. You can use any character of these two. There is Showroom menu item. By tapping on Showroom you will enter in to the Showroom and you can buy cars there. The money or points that you earned in race can be spent on buying new cars.
There are two modes in this game. Those are “Challenge mode” and “Career mode“.


In Career mode there are multiple levels. By successfully completing a level you will move in to another level. There are some exposing powers to destroy traffic in this level, By this explosions the traffic will be cleared. There is no laser blasters in this level.
In Challenge mode there are some extra powers like Laser destroyer, Flip and Barrel rolls, Jump enhancers etc. Laser destroyer produces a laser beam from your car and destroys the other cars which comes in your way. Jump enhancers helps to jump your car over other vehicles. There are some explosions beside road, by exploding the explosions all the other vehicles on the track will be destroyed.

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