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How to download, install and play Peak app on iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC

peak app

What is Peak app for Mac, Pc, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?
Peak app is one of the best apps which improve your language, mental ability, focus, problem solving skills and memory. With the operational mechanisms of this app, it impacts social, cognitive, personal and professional development. Regardless of age people can play this game to check their abilities. Peak app was designed by experts in cognitive science, education and neuroscience. Professor Emeritus, Bruce Wexler, Amir Konigsberg and a Senior Research Scientist at Yale advised the levels of development of the app. Unique challenges, daily goals, personalized workouts, Peak aims, adaptive and dynamic difficulties to sharpen your brain were offered with the well-designed 21 games.  The Peak app is recognized as Apple’s App Store Best app of 2014.

Compatibility of Peak app with iOS devices:
The Peak app is compatible with the iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It is optimized especially for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 5. It requires iOS 7.0 or later versions inbuilt on the device.

Download and Install Peak app on iPod touch, iPad, iPhone devices, PC and Mac:
You can download and install the latest version of Peak app on any iOS devices by searching for the app from App Store. Use a valid Apple ID to begin the installation progress of the app on your desired iOS device.

peak app

You can also play the Peak app on PC or Mac by downloading and installing the app using a simulator. Install the app using iTunes on a simulator like BlueStacks or iPadian.

Subscription offers available with Peak app:
The subscription offers available with Peak app on an average of monthly, half-yearly and yearly basis. The price of monthly offer is £2.99, half-yearly is £14.49 and annually is £24.49 pounds. Subscribe to any of these offers to enjoy continuous gameplay.

How to play Peak app?
Launch the Peak app on your device and tap on Play Game button to start the game play. View the benefits, challenges and score from the home screen. Play different levels of the game and check your proficiency at each level from the Your Performance page. View proficiency Peak Brain Source, Memory, Problem Solving, Language, Mental Ability and Focus categories.

peak app on mac pc iphone ipad

Different kinds of workouts are also designed for you. You must choose your desired level and start the workout by tapping on Start Workout button. You can view the score gained in particular workout by tapping on View Workout button.


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