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How to Download, Install and Play Hearthstone on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone


What is Hearthstone game for Mac PC, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch?

Hearthstone is a kind of card game by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. It is something different from regular card games. The hero plays a major role in the game. Play the hero in a whimsical gameplay of cunning strategy and fast paced. Summon minions, sling spells and seize control over an ever-shifting battlefield by unleashing the powerful cards. Languages supported by Hearthstone game are Deutsch, English, Español (Europa, Latinoamérica), Korean, Simplified Chinese, Polski, Portuguese and Traditional Chinese.


  • The Hearthstone app is compatible with iPad.
  • It requires iOS 5.0 or later versions.

Download and Install Hearthstone app on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC and Mac:
You can download and install the latest version of Hearth-stone on iPad by using a valid Apple ID from App Store. Begin the installation progress by tapping on the Get button followed by Install button from the app details model. Hearth stone app is designed only for iPad; don’t worry if you want to install it on iPhone or iPod Touch. Use Cydia to download and install Hearth stone app on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. Download Hearth stone game file and install it through iTunes. Learn more about installation of .IPA file.

hearthstone game

You can also download and install Hearthstone gaming app on PC or Mac machines from iTunes by installing a simulator like BlueStacks or iPadian.

How to play Hearthstone game?

Launch Hearth-stone gaming app on your device where you will find Play, Practice and The Arena buttons. Make sure that you have internet connection available on your device. Before you start a real game have a practice match by tapping on the Practice button on the home screen. Follow the instructions and try the practice match.

Next tap on the Play button to begin the real gameplay. Choose the hero among the available people. Selected hero gets displayed on the story board. The next step is to select cards from the available set of cards. There are a variety of card types available here. You must choose your desired cards and the selected cards will be displayed on the board.

hearth stone cards

Select the cards from the registered pack and build a deck of cards. The card collection is linked to the account and you can also switch between desktop and tablet environments if required. Apply your skills and step into Arena and defend other players with the cards you have selected. You will be rewarded with prizes when you defend and won against other players.


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