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Download, Install, Play Boom Beach on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad

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What is Boom Beach Game? The game developers of Clash of Clans and Hay Day has now introduced a new game called Boom Beach. It is a game of war type. You must train the troops to conquer both single player and multi-player beaches to win trophies and resources. These battles take place in an unexplored and beautiful archipelago.

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Compatibility of Boom Beach Game with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

  • Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.
  • This app optimized for iPhone 5.

Boom beach on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Open App Store and search for Boom Beach app. Tap on the Boom Beach app which got displayed in the search list; you will find a Free button below the app name, just tap on it and then tap on Install button. A processing circle will appear with the installation status of the game. Once the app gets installed on your device, an “Open button” will appear just below the game name. Tap on the Open button to navigate to the app.

Boom beach on PC, Mac book and Mac, Windows

You can download Boom Beach on Mac, Mac book and PC using Bluestacks emulator. Install Bluestacks emulator and then install Boom Beach app on the emulator.

How to play Boom Beach game?

In this Boom Beach game, you are the commander of a naval army on an island. You must fight against the naval army of other islands in the archipelago. You, as a leader, must take care of conquering other islands to obtain more resources and also should free the enslaved islanders from the Blackguard, who is the bad guy of the game. At the same moment, you have to defend your base and resource bases from enemy raids. Along with that you must Build structures and Explore the Archipelago, Attack other players and finally Conquer the Island.

Build Structures in Boom Beach game

Build Structures such as cannons and machine guns can make with the resources like Gold, Iron, Wood and Stone.


Gold can be obtained by constructing Residences and conquering islands. Each time when a home upgraded it will generate more Gold along with that freed villages will also send you gold as a remark of thanks. Gold is used for training and researching of troops, removing trees or rocks from your base and exploring the map of the archipelago.


Wood in Boom Beach can be obtained by the conquering islands, Sawmill, cutting down trees and Resource Bases. Also, it can gain by exchanging Diamonds for it. For every type of buildings in Boom Beach, we use this wood.


Stones can obtain by conquering islands, Quarry and Resource Bases. And also it can get by exchanging Diamonds for it. For major upgrades on buildings, these stones used.


Iron can be obtained by an Iron Mine, conquering islands and Resource Bases. And also it can gain by exchanging Diamonds. The Iron used for significant upgrades on buildings in Boom Beach.


Diamonds can be obtained by completing achievements and defending your base. In defense, you’ll earn them when you destroy enough enemy troops. They will be shown randomly on your map as treasure chests. Diamonds can be even obtained through iTunes using in-game purchases. They are the most valuable currency in Boom Beach. Diamonds used for buying the game resources and can be used to finish upgrades without the use of resources.

You can collect these resources form a support base. You can obtain multiple Resource Bases. A Resource Base can deliver you one particular resource. The kind of resource you use can be different on each and every Resource Base. No Resource Base delivers Gold; you must obtain Gold from freed villages. There are many different kinds of Buildings in Boom Beach, all with their specific abilities.
These are the list of buildings available:

boom beach game on iPhone mac tiny tower


To defend your base against enemy attacks, use the defensive buildings that you built.


The Headquarters is the nerve center of your base. Upgrading the Headquarters unlocks new station buildings and upgrades.


Resource buildings in this Boom Beach game are used to produce and store the game resources.


Support buildings in this Boom Beach game are used to aid you with all kinds of everyday tasks in Boom Beach.


Troops are used to conquer both single player and multiplayer beaches to win Trophies and the resources  Wood, Stone, Gold, and Iron. The Troops are created and stored in Landing Crafts. All available Troops in this Boom Beach game are listed and explained below.


The Heavy can absorb a lot of damage and still keeps on moving forward. He is happy to draw all the attention, and he will take a punch to give a punch!


Make love, not war! The Medic is opposed to all kinds of violence in this Boom Beach game. Instead of grabbing a rifle, he heals other troops to help our cause.


Rifleman at the ready! Basic infantry units, the Riflemen in this game can deal out and withstand moderate damage. They are almost unstoppable to a great enough numbers.


The Tribal Warrior is an impressive sight in battle. He charges fearlessly, knowing that his Crystal Hammer will heal him with every blow.


For long-range attacks, we use Zooka. A few Zookas can completely devastate a whole enemy base, but don’t let them come under fire from enemy turrets.

You can even harvest trees for wood on a Resource Base. Support Boats have the maximum capacity, and they can’t collect any more resources when it is fully loaded. When you conquer a new Resource Base chances are that the previous owner wants it back and he will probably try to take over the base.

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Explore the Archipelago in Boom Beach game

Once you build a Radar structure, you are capable of exploring the archipelago. You can also earn rewards, by completing the achievements. You can view your results by tapping the three-star icons in the top left corner. You can upgrade your Headquarters or Gold Storage to a particular level.

By removing obstacles from your map, and destroying enemy player bases, you will get rewards with Diamonds. These are the following types of achievements available, Chain of Command, War Chest, Harness Nature, Conqueror, Strategist, Payback, War Hero, War Production, Spoils of War, Timber Takeover, Quarry Raid, Iron Will, Steamroller, Reign of Terror, Submariner.

Attacking other players in Boom Beach game

You can attack the other islands and players in the archipelago. When you start attacking the players or islands, you will receive Battle Points which are helpful in Battle Attacks. The Battle Points that are available are:

Artillery Shells are Gunboat fires a high-explosive cannon shell which damages enemy buildings. Be careful, do not to hit your troops, Barrage is a rapid fire artillery barrage that has massive damage to buildings in a wide target area. Warning: The Barrage is dangerous and inaccurate to nearby friendly troops!, Flares help out in directing your troops.

All forces will move towards the Flare while it burns, or attacks a building marked by it!, Medical Kit that which heal your troops on the battlefield.

Troops inside the Med kit’s area of effect will recover health; Shock Bomb freezes anything it hits for a short time; Use it to disable key defensive buildings. If you hit your troops, they will be stunned as well! And Smoke Screen to protect your troops with a Smoke Screen.

Troops inside the smoke can move, but they can’t fire or fired upon). While your soldiers are attacking the build structures, you can fire the artillery shells from your Command Ship.

Conquer the Island in Boom Beach

You can conquer the island by destroying all the Headquarters or the structures. With each victory, you get coins, rewards, wood and life shards. Play strategies to conquer the island. Play Offensive and Defensive Strategies for Boom Beach. Offensive Strategies uses their specific Troops and use of the Gunboat Weaponry. Defensive Strategies uses their Base Layouts.

Defensive Strategies in Boom Beach

These are the list of defensive strategy:

Defend Your Headquarters in Boom Beach

To win the battle, the attacker tries to destroy your Headquarters. When he destroys Headquarters, he will get rewards with Resources stolen from you. Try to defend your base.

Protect your non-Defensive Buildings

Safeguard the buildings from the attacker, which are not defensive.

Space between buildings

If the corners of two, three or four buildings are touching each other, then one Artillery Shell may get damaged.

Placement during upgrade’s

When a Defensive Building is upgrading in Boom Beach, it becomes inactive, and it doesn’t defend your Base. When you’re updating a Defensive Building on a critical spot (close to your Headquarters), try a swap it with another defensive building to compensate for it.

Popular Types of Base Layouts in Boom Beach

There are three kinds of basic layouts in Boom Beach game they are left, center and right.

Perfecting your Layout

Maintain a perfect design to get rid of attacks from other players in Boom Beach.

Watch the replays

Replays that you get shows the weaknesses of your Layout.

View other bases

During scouting; always keep an eye out to see what kind of designs other people at your level are using. You must compare your base with them.

Attack your Base in Boom Beach

Of course attacking your base is not possible, but try this and imagine that you are attacking your base. How would you attack your base? Make needful adjustments to your Layout based on those thoughts.

Offensive Strategies in Boom Beach

Check out the following Offensive Strategies for Boom Beach.

Meat Shield

Use Troops with high hit points. Troops like the Heavy can take a lot of hits and can, therefore, be used as a shield for other more vulnerable troops like the Zooka or Rifleman. Start your attack by deploying some Heavies.


Attack with Heavies and Riflemen and use Flares to direct them around the reach of enemy structures towards the Headquarters. Be careful with the defense having the long range like Boom Cannon, Mortar and Rocket Launcher.

Rush or Rushing

Attack the beach with a large number of Troops, mostly the Riflemen. Because of this enormous amount of targets the single-shot defenses like the Boom Cannon, Cannon and Sniper Towers doesn’t have the chance of terminating all Troops.

HQ Rushing

Headquarter Rushing can do with Warriors. They move fast and have the ability to get healed. Use Shock Bombs and Smoke Screens to get them there without lots of casualties. The warriors in this Boom Beach game do a lot of damage, so this attack is very fast and efficient.

Be careful with defenses that do a lot of Damage per Second like the Boom Cannons, Cannons, and Sniper Towers. These defenses are especially at higher levels and can easily take out a Warrior. You can destroy these structures or headquarters with Artillery, or you can disable them temporarily with the Shock Bomb.

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