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How to download files using uTorrent/ µTorrent application on Mac?


uTorrent/ µTorrent for Mac:

uTorrent which is also called as µTorrent was developed by the BitTorrent Incorporations. There are 100 millions of users who are using this application. The main intention behind the development of this application is to download large files. It is a freeware and uses a peer to peer file sharing protocol for distribution of large amounts of data. It makes downloading of files in an easier and in a convenient way.   Let’s see more about this application.

Download and Install uTorrent on Mac:

It is so easy to get this application on Mac environment. Click on the Download uTorrent for Mac link and based on your system environment, click on the Download button which may be either a stable or beta one. When you click on the Download button, the set up file gets auto downloaded and run the set up file i.e., .exe file to begin the installation progress on your machine.

How to use µTorrent/ uTorrent app?

uTorrent application

Launch the application to download any large files. From the menu bar of the application click on the Add button and paste the URL of the file which you need to download or open the url from which you need to download a file from the web browser and click on the “Download through uTorrent” button at the bottom of the screen to download the file using this application.

Once the file begins downloading, the status of the file download will be shown in the left panel of the application. The Active status denotes the file is being downloading and the inactive status shows that the file download is interrupted or stopped at some point of time. The ‘X’ icon at the top menu bar is used to remove the downloaded file from the application, play icon is used resume the downloading progress or play the downloaded file. The stop icon is used to stop the current downloading or playing of the downloaded file. You can download files of any kind using this application. If there is any network problem or sudden shut down of the machine may not affect the downloading progress completely.  If there is any such kind of situation, then it auto resumes from where it has previously stopped. Continuation of downloading progress never gets disturbed. The downloaded file previously is never lost from the application. Downloading of any file becomes very easy with this application and can enjoy working with the downloaded files.


Originally posted 2015-05-01 09:06:39.