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How to download and setup Ngrok on Mac OS?

ngrok for mac

For the ones who are new to Ngrok, we have a brief overview of “What is Ngrok?”, “What is the usage of Ngrok?”, “How to download and setup Ngrok on Mac OS?”. Let’s have a quick look over these questions and we are here to address you all the solutions for these questions.

What is Ngrok?

Ngrok is a third party open source application that allows a user to expose the web server running on the local machine to the internet.

What is the usage of Ngrok?

Ngrok is an open source application for multi-platform tunneling that helps to reverse proxy software which establishes a secure tunnel from a public endpoint to a locally running network service. Just tell ngrok, the port your web server is listening on it generates an “HTTP” and “https” endpoint that can be accessed over third-party applications.

How to download and setup Ngrok on Mac OS?

To download and setup Ngrok on Mac OS, follow the below steps which provides you a clear description of the process. It takes very few minutes to perform the complete installation process and you can use the URL generated with ngrok for any public URL tunneling. in local mac os

    • Navigate to the “Download Ngrok” URL and choose “Mac OS X” version.
    • A “ngrok<latest_version>.zip” file gets auto downloaded when you click on “Mac OS X” version and you need to extract this zip file to “Applications” folder to find the “ngrok.exec” file.
    • Double click on the “ngrok.exec” file to begin the installation process.
    • Once the process completes, we are done with the download and installation of Ngrok.
    • Now switch to bin folder using the command “cd /usr/local/bin” from terminal and then enter “ln -s /Applications/Ngrok Ngrok”
    • Now, coming to the setup process, make a note of your localhost address and use the same port for Ngrok.
    • Open a new terminal and enter “Ngrok HTTP <port number>” (example: Ngrok HTTP 8080 if your localhost is running on port 8080).


  • Ngrok now generates two URLs one with “HTTP://<randomnumber>” and  “https://<randomnumber>” with the respective localhost port with a “Forwarding text” before each URL.


  • You can make use of these URLs based on your requirement and configure the URL with the third-party applications.

This is how you can download and setup Ngrok on Mac OS. Follow the above steps to make a quick Ngrok installation and make use of this url for public URL for multiplatform tunneling.

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