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How to Download and Install Jetpack Joyride game on iPhone, iPad, Mac

Jetpack Joyrider game troup

How to Download and Install Jetpack Joyride game on iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac:

What is Jetpack Joyride?
Do you like riding? Here is a beautiful ride game for game lovers. Jetpack Joyride is a riding game which looks like a super mario game. But here in this Joyride game, you ride a plane and grab coins and powers while you are moving on track way. It is very similar to other riding games but beautifully designed than other riding games. This game is designed and developed by Halfbrick Studios. Previously Halfbrick Studios developed a successful game Fruit Ninja. And now Jetpack Joyride. Play once, you will never want to miss this game. Its a free game, you can download it free and this is of size 42.8 MB. It is an award winning game.

Jetpack Joyrider game

How to Download and Install Jetpack Joyride game on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?
Jetpack Joyride game is a free game. You can download and install it in iPhone, iPad, iPhone Touch iOS devices and Mac, Mac book,iPad Air, iPad Mini and PC’s also. Download this game from link Download Jetpack Joyride for iOS devices from app store. Install this game using iTunes or directly open app store in iOS devices. You can install it directly on iOS devices using app store.

How to Download and Install Jetpack Joyride game on PC and Mac?
Yes you can Install this app on your Mac also. But this time you can’t access it as a iOS application. But you can play this game on your Mac, Macbook and PC using Android player. Bluestacks emulator is an android player. Install Bluestacks emulator on your PC, Mac or Macbook. Later you can browse and install the game as android version. To download and Install Bluestacks emulator, follow the link Installing Bluestacks. Now Install and play Jetpack Joyrider in Bluestacks emulator.

Jetpack Joyrider game vehicles

Jetpack Joyride game compatibility with iPhone, iPad and iOS:
Compatibility of the game for iOS and iPhone as follows

  • You can install Jetpack Joyider on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from app store.
  • Game is optimized for iPhone 5.
  • It requires iOS 5.0 or later versions.

How to play JetPack Joyride game on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PC and Mac?
Playing this game is very fun and interesting. The character in this game is Barry. By tapping on the your mobile touch screen Barry will fly otherwise he runs on the floor. You can change outfits and vehicle types of Barry. Collect coins that you found while you runs or fly on the track. You can also collect PiggyBank, Snowball and Rainbow Jetpacks. By tpping on screen to ascend the Barry and release to descend the Barry after lift off. Bubbles, Bullets, rainbows and Lasers are the weapons available for Barry to protect from road blocks. While the Barry is flying it rains the bullets downwards.

Jetpack Joyrider game vehicleElectricity fields, Lasers and missiles are the road blocks or obstacles comes in your way to destroy Barry. The best weapon available is Keen reflexes to dodge them.
Profit Bird, Crazy Freaking Teleporter and Lil’Stomper are the vehicles on your way to boost your speed. There is one more powerful vehicle in this game. You will be lucky if you get this vehicle. The vehicle is SAM – “Strong Arm Machine“. This is an ultimate vehicle of hi fives and destruction. Ride the vehicles joyfully and enjoy the Joyrider. Jetpack Joyrider is Runner up of iPhone Game of the year.

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