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How to download and Install Google Spaces app on iPhone, iPad and PC

Google Spaces app fro iPhone iOS

What is Google Spaces?

Google Spaces announced in the Google IO16 expo. Spaces a Chat app which is designed and developed by Google. Spaces Chat app has the tagline ‘Small Group Sharing by Google‘. As the tagline tells Spaces is an app for small groups to share text messages, photos, and links.

This Chat App is for the small groups or communities. It may be the replacement of the Slack app. The Slack app is also performing well to have group chats. This app is can used by the friends, students, and work groups. Google is trying to provide every environment to the business people to perform their job.

Google Spaces app fro iPhone iOS

Google for work‘ is a development team of Google and it provides software tools and environment for software professionals and to carry out the business. Google Spaces also belongs to this stream. Many people will move to Google Spaces from Slack or other group chatting apps.

How to download and install Google Spaces app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch iOS devices?

Google Spaces app already uploaded into the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Downloading Google Spaces from App Store is simple. You can install this on any iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Google Spaces on iPhone

  • Open App Store on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Search for the app ‘Spaces – Small group sharing by Google‘.
  • Tap on install.
  • Provide Apple id and password if required.

This app is about 59.0 MB of size wich is double of the size of the Slack app. The Slack app is of 29.1 MB size. The Slack app can download faster than the Google Spaces app.

using Spaces chat app by google

How to use Google Spaces on PC?

Google is also providing the extensions for the Spaces app. You can download and install Chrome extension for Spaces app. Yo can only install the Chrome extension and share anything with your groups instantly.

You can join any group and share any content in the group. For example, it is Spaces group of Care iPhone. You can join by following the group link and can share any information in the group.

Google Spaces on PC browser

Google is also providing a separate website for Google Spaces. It works as it operates in mobile. The Spaces group Chat application is a multi-platform application. You can use this app from anywhere and all the content in all apps in sync state, and you can’t miss any information.

Spaces chrome extension

The Safari extension for the Spaces app is not yet available. You have to wait few more days for the Spaces app’s Safari extension.

Originally posted 2016-05-19 23:59:59.