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How to download and install GBA4iOS app on iPhone without Jailbreaking

download GBA4iOS jailbreaking

Gaming emulators have become more familiar today. There are many gaming emulators which are available in the market. Amongst that GBA4iOS app is one of the best gaming emulators. You can get the latest version of GBA 4 iOS installed on iPhone or iPad having iOS 9.2.1. You can get these gaming emulators on your iPhone without Jailbreaking.

Download and install GBA4iOS app on iOS 9.2.1 iPhone and iPad without Jailbreaking:

To download and install GBA4iOS app on iPhone or iPad, you need to get it installed from iEmulators website. You cannot get these gaming emulators from App Store, but however this app is available from a source called iEmulators.

Navigate to iEmulators:

Go to Download and install GBA 4 iOS URL and download the GBA4iOS app by clicking anywhere on the field having Updated text.

Install GBA4IOS:

Now a window appears on the screen, tap on the Install button to get the app installed on your iPhone or iPad.

using gba for ios 9.2 on iPhone

Download and install GBA gaming emulator 4 on iOS 9.2:

Once you get the GBA4 iOS app installed on you, due to the restrictions on iOS 9.2.1, you may not be able to open the third party app. So to Trust the app downloaded from third party sources navigate to Settings -> General -> DeviceManagement and then tap on the application profile and trust the application to launch it on your iPhone or iPad.

GBA 4 iOS download install on iPad and iPhone

Using GBA4iOS on iPhone

Now you will be able to start the application on your iPhone or iPad. The next step that you need to perform is getting the GBA Roms on your iPhone to play the games. Launch the GBA for iOS app and tap on the search icon which located at the top right corner of the screen.

Download GBA ROMS for GBA4iOS

Now you can download and install your favorite GBA Roms on your device from the home screen. It’s how can have gaming emulators on your iPhone or iPad with the help of GBA4iOS.

download and install gba4ios for iphone

  • It is very easy to use GBA 4 iOS gaming emulator. Download the desired game from any ROM and save the game on your computer.
  • Connect your device to iTunes and click on the iOS device which located at Top right corner.
  • Now tap on Apps at Top of the device screen and scroll down for sharing options.
  • You will find a File Sharing section and click on GBA4iOS.
  • Now drag the games into GBA4iOS section that you want to play.
  • Enjoy the GBA Gaming emulator.

Advantages of GBA for iOS app:

GBA 4 iOS gaming emulator has advantages over the other gaming emulators as below

  1. Supports Dropbox
  2. Supports multiple skins for controller
  3. Supports URL scheme
  4. Supports Multiple players
  5. GB and GBC support
  6. Saves states and provides cheat codes
  7. supports iOS external controller
  8. provides sustain button
  9. AirPlay support
  10. provides browser inside application etc.

Originally posted 2016-04-25 23:29:05.