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iPhone Screen Recorder iRec Free installation

iRec Screen recorder app

We all know how to take screenshots of our device. By long pressing the ‘Power’ and ‘Home’ button at a time, we can take a screenshot of any iOS device. Now, what is the case if you want to record iPhone or iPad screen while performing any action. You can do this using iOS screen recorder.

What is iRec screen recorder?

Screen recorder is used to record iPhone or iPad screen in the format of a video. You can see all the actions performed by you on your device in the form of a video using Screen Recorder. There are many screen recorder free and paid apps available in the market such as

There are many screen recorder free and paid apps available in the market such as iRec (Free App) and UXRecorder (Paid App) etc. Using these apps, you can capture your activities on the screen in the form of a video.

Download iRec Screen Recorder

iRec is one of the best free screen recorder apps available in the market. You can get this app from Install Free Screen Recorder. To install or use this app, first of all, set your device’s date back to 1 day. To change the date on your device, tap on Settings icon from the Home screen.

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In case, if you want to install an alternate Screen Recorder; here is the link to download other iOS recorder app Download Screen Recorder for iPhone/ iPad.

Anyway, In latest versions of iOS from iOS 11, Apple is providing a default iOS screen recorder in iOS devices. Also, you can go to third party iOS screen recorders for extra features in recording a screen video.

Navigate to iPhone Settings > General > Date & Time

  1. Navigate to Settings tab and tap on ‘General’ disclosure icon from settings tab.
  2. Navigate to ‘General’ settings tab and scroll over the page
  3. Now you will find ‘Date and Time’ option from the list of options available.
  4. Tap on ‘Date and Time’ disclosure icon.

iPhone iPad Date settings

Adjust Date to one day back

  1. Now disable the ‘Set Automatically’ button, if it is enabled.
  2. You will find the current date below the Time Zone.
  3. Tap on the date and then scroll over to set the desired date.
  4. Adjust the date to one day back.

Navigate to Emu4iOS Store

screen recorder iPhone iPad Emu4iOS iRec

Reset iPhone Date to current date

  • Once the app gets installed on your device, Change the modified date back to the current date from the Settings tab.

Install iRec on iPhone from EMU4IOS Store

  1. Now, open the app and tap on the iRec app available from the list of apps in “Emu4iOS store”.
  2. You will find Install button along with the description of the app.
  3. Tap on ‘Install’ button. A pop-up displayed with Install and Cancel buttons.

Tap on Install button, and now your iRec screen recorder app starts installing.

How does iRec screen recorder work?

Once the iRec screen-recorder gets installed on your device, you can start recording iPhone or iPad screens. A single tap on the iRec screen recorder app makes you start your recordings.

  • Open the iRec screen recorder app, name the recording with your desired names and tap on ‘Start Recording’ button.

Screen recorder iPhone

  • Minimize the app and record the screen that you wanted.
  • When you start recording, a pop-up will be displayed whether to access your microphone or not.

Screen Recorder with microphone option

  • Select the microphone option if you need voice along with the recording.
  • Once you have finished your recording, open the iRec screen recorder app and tap on ‘Stop Recording’ button.
  • You can find all your recording on the ‘Recordings’ tab.
  • By just tapping on the ‘Recordings’ tab in the iRec screen recorder app, you can view a list of your recordings.

Screen Recorder recordings

  • Tap on any desired record to see it.
  • Then you can see the information on the iRec screen recorder app by tapping on the Info icon. You will get the details of the app.

When the iRec screen recorder app installed on your device, it will be displayed in the apps list from the Settings tab. And tap on the iRec screen-recorder app from the apps list to change the settings of the recordings. You can alter the view of the record, i.e., Portrait or Landscape view. You can even modify the FPS and Bitrate.

iRec Settings

Enable/ Disable iRec Audio Settings

Enable/ Disable Audio Settings based on your interest. You can even find your recordings on the Photos tab of your device. You can delete your recording from the iRec screen-recorder app by just swiping left on the record name from the list of the of recordings under the ‘Recordings’ tab. Enjoy your recordings using an iRec screen-recorder app.

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