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How to download, install and use Udacity app on iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC

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What is Udacity app for Mac PC, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?

Udacity is a kind of educational organization founded by David Stevens, Mike Sokolsky, and Sebastian Thrun. It offers “Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)” and university-style courses as well as vocational courses for professionals. Advance your knowledge and career in programming by learning to program and accessing to the big data.

uda city cover

This app offers teaching classes from the basics of programming to the more advanced courses. Level industry experts will teach These courses like Cloudera, Facebook, Google, and MongoDB.  You can learn to code in languages such as CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Python and few other programming languages.


  • iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone are compatible with Udacity
  • It requires 7.0 or later versions of iOS.
  • This app got optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus especially.

Download and Install Udacity app on iPod touch, iPad, iPhone and Mac PC:
Learn the basics of programming languages by downloading and installing this app on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad from App Store. Launch App Store application on your iOS device and begin the installation progress by using a valid Apple ID.

You can also download and install the Udacity app on Mac or PC by using the Apple ID from iTunes. But before doing this, make sure that a simulator is installed on your machine. Install BlueStacks or iPadian simulators on your computer and enjoy learning the basics of programming languages.

Udacity app for iPhone,Mac PC, iPad

Classes provided through Udacity app:
The classes taught by Udacity app are

Website Performance Optimization, Web Development, Visualizing Algebra, UX Design for Mobile Developers, Tales from the Genome.

Software Testing, Software Development Life Cycles, Software Debugging, Programming Languages, Programming Foundations with Python, Object-Oriented JavaScript, Mobile Web Development.

Make Your Own 2048, Machine Learning Unsupervised Learning, Machine Learning Supervised Learning, Machine Learning Reinforcement Learning, JavaScript Basics.

Intro to Theoretical Computer Science, Intro to the Design of Everyday Things, Intro to Statistics, Intro to Psychology, Intro to Point & Click App Development, Intro to Physics, Intro to Parallel Programming, Intro to Java Programming, Intro to Inferential Statistics, Intro to HTML and CSS.

Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce, Intro to Descriptive Statistics, Intro to Data Science, Intro to Computer Science, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, Intro to Algorithms, Intro Algebra Review.

Interactive 3D Graphics, HTML5 Game Development, How to Use Git and GitHub, How to Build a Startup, Functional Hardware Verification, Differential Equations in Action.

Developing Scalable Apps with Java, Developing Android Apps, Design of Computer Programs, Data Wrangling with MongoDB, Data Analysis with R, Computer Networking, College Algebra, Artificial Intelligence for Robotics and Applied Cryptography.

Uda city classes

How to use Udacity app?
Learn concepts of different categories by installing this app on your device. Launch this app and choose the course or subject you need to gain knowledge. You can find chapter wise classes of each course and listen to them online or offline at any time. You can listen to those classes offline by downloading the classes.

You can resume and play the classes and can also view the instructor details. Enjoy listening and gaining knowledge by the instructors and classes from Udacity app.

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