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How to Customize iOS UI on Android devices | Steps to customize iOS UI

Customize iOS UI on Android

How to Customize iOS UI on Android devices?

Have you ever thought of “customize iOS UI on Android devices ?” The wording itself sounds good right? There might be several questions that arise in your mind when you hear of this term. Before going to have a glance of more information about customizing iOS UI on Android devices, let’s have a look of Custom ROM along with few other concepts like “what a ROM is and its purpose?

Customize iOS UI on Android

According to mobile terminology, the context “ROM” refers to a kind of operating system which is installed on the memory of a device. This can also be called as “Kernel” of the device which is responsible for the functioning of operating system (OS). In general, there are two kinds of ROMs available. One is “Custom ROM” (It is designed by the third party developers and has different kernels which are customized to the default OS) where as the other is “Stock ROM” (OS that comes with your device).  As we have Android platform as an open source, we can change the ROMs accordingly based on the requirement and can possess different customizations and features.

There are many Custom ROMs available in the market for Android devices and the most interesting aspect is that, even we have “iOS Custom ROM” that is available for Android platform. You can get this “iOS Custom ROM” for Android devices, so that it becomes easier for you to customize iOS UI on Android device. But you should be careful while dealing with these aspects as in case of failure, it may affect the complete functionality of the device. However, the Android developers have designed few techniques to fix these problems.

In order to get the iOS Custom ROM for Android devices there are two basic requirements. These include:

  1. CWM zip file (you can download this file from CWMZIPFile )
  2. iOS 7 Custom ROM zip file (you can download this file from CustomROM )

Follow the below steps in order to customize iOS UI on Android device:

  • Download the above specified ZIP files and place them on the SD Card of your device. And then start rebooting the device in a recovery mode by pressing the “Home button+ Volume button + Power button” all at once and follow the below procedure:
  • On the start-up window, choose the “CWM ZIP” file from SD card and install it on the Android device
  • Navigate to the following path: Mounts & Storage > Mount/System> Mount/Data> Mount/Cache and go back.
  • Select “Advanced” options and choose “Reboot Recover” option. This helps the device auto re-boot for the second time in recover mode.
  • Now just navigate to the following path: Mounts & Storage > Format/System> Format/Data> Format /Cache and then Mount/System> Mount/Data> Mount/Cache and go back.
  • And, then choose the “iOS Custom ROM ZIP” file and install it.
  • Wait for few seconds and move back.
  • Now wipe out the data on the device completely by choosing Wipe Data option and choose Factory Reset.
  • Reboot the device again and wait for few minutes.

And then, here after the amazing iOS 7 Custom ROM gets installed on your Android environment and you can experience the feel of iOS UI on Android environment.

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