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How to convert iPod Touch to iPhone using Cyndia app on iPod Touch

iPodTouch to iPhone

How to convert iPod Touch to iPhone:

Are you bored of using iPod Touch? Fascinated about iPhone and don’t want to sell your iPod Touch. Then how can we re-use it and fulfill the desire for iPhone. It’s so easy to fulfill all these requirements at a time. You can convert your iPod Touch to iPhone with few basic steps. Before doing this conversion steps, pick an order for iPhone case in any of the e-commerce sites. Place an order for the best iPhone case and start conversion once your iPhone case gets delivered.

Convert iPod Touch to iPhone

By converting your iPod-Touch to iPhone, you can even call or text message to your friends or relatives. Utilize all the features that exist on an iPhone in iPod-Touch. Take the iPhone case into your hands and remove the upper part of the case.  Now, insert your iPod Touch into the case of iPhone. Place the upper part of the case and close the complete case. So that, your iPod Touch gets completely inserted into your case and fits perfectly.  You can even insert your SIM in the iPhone case and enjoy calling in iPod-Touch. Press slightly on the slot to insert your SIM. Be careful, while inserting the SIM. Close the SIM slot if you are done with inserting SIM. Next, press the Power button for few seconds to Turn On your iPod Touch i.e., converted iPhone from iPod Touch. You can now find the signal on your device status bar which is at the top of the screen.

Now the turn is to have Phone and SMS options on your iPod-Touch. Before doing this install Cyndia application on your iPod Touch. Launch the Cyndia application and tap on Manage icon. Now select the Sources option and tap on Edit button on the header.  Tap on Add button, and select Yosion.net. Add the Yosion.net url and navigate to the Yosion.net page. Here you can find three options, where the top most two (Erica Utilities and GPRS Connection) are optional. Tap on YosionApp, from Yosion.net (phone) iPod-Touch phone, SMS and gprs and finally tap on Done button and close the Cyndia app. Now you can find the phone and SMS icons on your home screen.  You can now find your converted iPod-Touch to an iPhone. Enjoy the feel of an iPhone in your available iPod without having any problems and wastage of money.

Originally posted 2014-11-25 14:15:46.