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How to connect Apple Watch to WiFi? | Apple Watch Wi Fi connectivity

connect apple watch to wifi

How to connect Apple Watch to WiFi?

Now the trend of Apple Watch has increased a lot. Most of the people are having it to their wrist. According to the reports the sales of Apple Watch has increased day to day. This can also be called as one of the achievements of Apple developers. Their continuous efforts have given a fruitful product to the users. Even though it doesn’t possess all the features by its own, it can work out most of the functionalities with the help of iPhone. And, the upcoming devices may not face this problem. They are going to be designed in such a way that, it can work without the help of iPhone. Let’s see how to connect Apple Watch to WiFi.

connect apple watch to wifi

As Apple Watch mostly works with the help of iPhone, make sure that the devices are connected with Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth on both the devices and pair up both the devices. In order to connect Apple Watch to WiFi, you must have both the devices connected and paired up with each other. Now, turn on Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone by swiping over the bottom of the screen of iPhone or navigate to Settings and turn on Wi-Fi. Once the Wi-Fi connection is enabled on your iPhone, you can get the network access on your Apple Watch too. But, mostly you can access the Wi-Fi if you are only in the Bluetooth range and if you the network connection is properly active you can find the connected status with a green icon on the Apple Watch. In order to connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi, both the devices must be in the same Wi-Fi network connection. You must also make a key point of this. This is how you can connect Apple Watch to WiFi.


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