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How to connect Apple Watch to iPhone 5 or later, iPad and iOS 8.2 +

connect apple watch to iPhone

How to connect Apple Watch to iPhone?

Got new Apple Watch and worried about how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone, here we provide you the detailed procedure. Before you go into the procedure you must make sure that you have an iPhone and you have to meet few specifications with respect to it. You must have at-least iPhone 5 or latest versions of iPhone with iOS 8.2 or latest versions of installed on them.  If this criterion is met you can connect Apple Watch to iPhone without any difficulties.

Now let’s go into the detailed procedure. Take your iPhone and navigate to the Settings page. Turn on Bluetooth on your device and make sure that Apple Watch and iPhone are fully charged as it should not make any problems while everything is syncing. Also, make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on and there is a proper internet connection. Now, turn on the Apple Watch by pressing the side button which is next to the digital crown (circular button). You will find an Apple logo once it is turned on.

connect apple watch to iPhone

Now, tap on the language option and choose your desire language. You can search for the languages by scrolling over the screen or by rotating the digital crown.  You can now find ‘Start Pairing’ button on the screen of Apple Watch as well as iPhone. Tap on the ‘Start Pairing’ button to see the pairing status. You will find animations of pairing status and once the devices are paired you can observe a message saying that devices are paired. Now, you will be asked to ‘Set Up as New’ or ‘Restore from Backup on your iPhone’. Choose ‘Set Up as New’ if you want to access the Apple Watch as a new device which doesn’t contains any previous settings. Now, you will be navigated to ‘Wrist Preference Screen’ where you need to select the side of wrist whether left or right.

Enter your Apple ID credentials to enjoy the features and if desired you can even set a passcode for your Apple Watch. Now tap on ‘Install All’ button to sync iPhone apps which can even work with Apple Watch. All the applications which exists on your iPhone appears on your Apple Watch screen, you can continue working on the little screen and can view all the notifications from the Watch screen itself. This is how you can connect Apple Watch to iPhone.


Originally posted 2015-07-28 21:20:39.