How to connect AirPods to iPhone | Using Apple AirPods


Connecting AirPods to  is easy and quick. Apple designed AirPods by embedding Apple W1 chip inside it. The first trail of W1 Chip started with Apple AirPods. W1 Chip is powerful and accurate to sense the device status and connect to Apple devices. AirPods needs iOS 10 or WatchOS 3 or MacOS Sierra running devices to connect with Apple devices.

Steps to Connect AirPods to iPhone:

It is a simple and fast way to connect the wireless headphones to iPhone. AirPods wireless headphones are coming with a chip which lets the user to connect AirPods to iPhone automatically.

airpods-design AirPods design

Follow the below steps to connect AirPods to iPhone:

  1. Open the AirPods Battery Case near the iPhone.
  2. Just Tap once on AirPods.
  3. AirPods starts setting up with all your Apple devices which configured with your iCloud account.
  4. It connects with all your Apple devices iPhone, , Mac, and iWatch.
  5. Now AirPods connected with iPhone and ready to use.

How AirPods works/ Using AirPods:

airpods-voice-recognising-sensors AirPods Voice recognising sensors

After Connecting AirPods to your iPhone with a simple single tap on AirPods, It starts functioning. Just put it in your ears, AirPods sensors will sense this and are ready to use. You can access the following features using AirPods:

Features of AirPods:

  • Listen Music.
  • Attend Calls.
  • Voice interaction with iPhone.
  • Easy access to Siri voice.
  • Easy to switch among various audio functions (Attending calls, Listening Music, etc.)

airpods-apple-sensors AirPods Apple Sensors

AirPods supportability:

One can use AirPods with multiple devices. Since AirPods connects through Bluetooth connection, you can connect AirPods to Android devices also. iPhones that can connect to AirPods are

  • iPhone7/ iPhone7 Plus running iOS 10.
  • iPhone6/ iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 10.
  • iPhone 6S/ iPhone 6S Plus running iOS 10.
  • iPhone 5/ iPhone 5S/ iPhone 5SE running iOS 10.
  • Other iPhone models those running iOS 10.
  • Mac books, Mac Devices having MacOS Sierra.
  • iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Air running iOS 10.
  • running WatchOS 3.

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