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How to charge iPhone/ iPad battery in a quicker way?

charge iPhone iPad battery

How to charge iPhone/iPad in a quicker way?

Is your iPhone/iPad not charging quickly? Does it take long time to charge iPhone/iPad? In the case when you find iPhone/iPad not charging in a short span of time or in case of emergency when you want to charge them in a quicker way, there is a solution for this. Connect USB cable to the iOS device and plug it to the power supply. While charging iPhone/iPad swipe over the screen upwards at the bottom of the screen and ensure that a widgets pop-over is displayed. You can find a number of options here. Just, hit the Airplane mode icon on the pop-over so that your device turns to airplane mode. The Airplane mode helps the device to avoid unwanted access to the applications or data on your device and makes it use less battery power. So, that charging of the device can be done in a much efficient and less-time consuming way. It also saves the power supply along with saving you bill.

charge iPhone iPad battery
Also, remember that to avoid unwanted battery usage and in order save your battery life always turn on your device to Airplane mode, so that it doesn’t consume unwanted battery usage and your battery lasts for a longer period of time. Whenever you feel there is no much usage of iPad or iPhone, just turn it on to Airplane mode and turn on whenever there is a requirement.  This is how you can protect your battery as well as providing efficient battery charging.


Originally posted 2015-03-07 18:00:49.