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How to change iPhone ringtones on iPhone 4/ 4S/ 5/ 5S/ 5C/ 6/ 6 Plus?

iPhone ringtones on iOS 7

How to change iPhone ringtones?

The very basic thing which makes us awake whenever we get a call is, Ringtone. We can also say that it’s very essential to have a Ringtone for mobile. Irrespective of the device type like iPhone, Android, Windows etc… we must have ringtones. I have used the word must because it plays such a crucial rule. Mobile. Some people also say that we can even judge a person based on his/her mobile ringtone. Even though their statement may be right or wrong the ringtone plays an important role in every mobile device.

Changing your iPhone ringtones on iPhone 4 /4S/ 5/ 5S/ 5C/6 /6 Plus:

Suppose, you have left your iPhone somewhere in your home or office and started searching for it, in case if your phone has a ringtone you can easily recognize where it is based on the sound. Sometimes, even though you have your iPhone beside you, you can recognize any it easily with the ringtone sound.

iPhone ringtones on iOS 7

Ringtone helps us in many ways. Default Ringtones differ from mobile device to device.  The iPhone Ringtones may differ from other device ringtones. In particular talking about iPhone Ringtones, let’s see how to set ringtone on your iPhone.

Launch Settings application on your iPhone and tap on the Sounds option from Settings page. Tap on the Ringtones disclosure icon below the Sounds header. This will navigate you to Ringtones tab where you can select a ringtone from the available ones. When a ringtone is selected this will be set as your caller ringtone and you can also adjust the volume from the Sound settings tab. B this way you can set the iPhone Ringtones.

You can even have custom ringtones for your iPhone. You can not only have iPhone ringtones, you can even set ringtones for iPad devices also. As the procedure will remain same for both iPhone and iPad, you can set ringtones for iPhone or iPad in a common fashion.


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