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How to change Apple ID Password? How to reset Apple ID Password?

change apple id password

How to change Apple ID Password?

Are you searching for the easiest ways to change Apple ID Password? Here, in this article we provide you the simplest steps to change Apple ID Password. The steps you need to follow is

How to reset Apple ID Password?

  • Launch browser on your machine or device and click on Apple ID URL to navigate to Apple ID page.
  • Now, click on ‘Manage your Apple ID’ button and navigate to Sign In page.
  • From the Sign In page, provide your Apple ID and password and login to the account.
  • You will be navigated to the verification page if so you have turned on the verification feature. If you do not opt for this option you will be navigated to your account without any verification.

change apple id password

  • From the home page, you can find many options regarding Apple ID Settings. You can also Change Apple ID Email from your Account settings page. There are lot many options which you can find from the settings page.
  • In order to change Apple ID password, click on the ‘Password and Security’ button and when you click on this button you will be asked few security questions.
  • Answer the questions which are mandatory by choosing the desired questions and under the ‘Choose a new password’ click on ‘Change Password’ button.
  • Now enter the old password followed by new password. You need to re-enter the password in the other field for the confirmation purpose and then confirm the newly entered password.
  • Finally click on ‘Change Password’ button. Now your newly entered password is successfully registered in the database.
  • Logout of the account you are signed in and then try to re-login with the user name & new password to check whether you are able to successfully login with the newly entered password or not.

This is how you can change Apple ID Password in simpler way.


Originally posted 2015-07-14 21:57:22.