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How to change Apple ID or Apple ID email on iPhone?

Apple ID change tips

How to change Apple ID on iPhone? or HOw to change Apple ID email?

I guess most of you who were using Apple devices have created an Apple ID to install applications or for purchases.  If not just check the Apple ID Creation process and create yourself an account by providing a valid email id and other details. You have done with the creation process and started using it. In few cases you may have to change Apple ID email because of any reason that might be either you are not going to use the email id which you have provided for the registration process or someone may be miss using your email id or it might be any other reason. In such cases, there may raise a question in mind of how to change Apple ID? The answer to the question is quite simple. Just follow the below procedure to change Apple ID email.

While changing the email id, one important point which you should keep in mind is to provide an email id which has been ever used by yourself or someone in the Apple ID creation process. There is a kind of specification that most of the email id’s which ends with @me.com, @mac.com and @icloud.com are said to be already registered email ids. So, whenever you attempt to change Apple ID email, you should always remember this point. Now, let’s step into the actual procedure of how to change Apple ID?

change Apple ID

  1. Before going to change Apple ID email, first of all you need to make sure whether you were logged out of App Store, iTunes Store, Find My Friends, iMessage, iCloud, FaceTime and Find My iPhone applications on each and every device where you were logged in. this is to make sure that none of the application is effected due to the change in email id.
  2. Now navigate to My Apple ID page and click on ‘Manage your Apple Id’ button, and navigate to Sign in page. Now, sign in to the account and click on the ‘Edit’ button which is next to the Apple ID and Primary email address which is provided at the time of registration.
  3. Now, enter the new email address which you want to use as your new Apple ID and then click on ‘Save Changes’ button to apply the changes.
  4. By this process, a verification email will be sent to your newly registered email address. Open the email in your browser and click on ‘Verify Now’ button to complete the verification process. If you have any issues in receiving the email until certain period of time, click on the ‘Didn’t receive the email?’ button to re-send the verification email.
  5. Now, navigate to the My Apple ID page and click on ‘Manage your Apple Id’ button to navigate to Sign in page. Enter the newly registered email id and password to check whether the email id is updated successfully or not.

With the above steps the question of how to change Apple ID? Is clearly answered. This is how you can change Apple ID email.


Originally posted 2015-07-08 21:36:37.