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How to authorize applications from Unidentified Developers in Mac

unidentified app

How to authorize an application that is installed from Unidentified Developers or which is not available on iTunes Store in Mac?

In general we install the applications that are available only on iTunes Store on Mac. Only the applications that are installed from iTunes Store are authorized on the Mac machine. What is the case, if you have installed any application apart from iTunes Store i.e., from any web browser site. When try to open them obviously you will get an alert saying that This application can’t be opened because it is from an unauthorized developer.  Then comes the question, how to authorize such kind of applications?

authorize application mac

Here comes the solution. You can authorize any application that is installed from any source by following the below procedure:

  • Run the application ‘.dmg’ file that you have downloaded on your machine to installation the application.
  • Open the application
  • When you try to open the application if the security settings on the machine don’t allows the application to launch it generates an alert saying that “This application can’t be opened because it is from an unauthoriz developer”.
  • If you find such kind of alert messages, you must identify that the security settings are not authorizing the application and that can’t be opened unless the settings are changed.
  • Check the Security and Privacy settings and change them according to the requirement.
  • Open up the System Preferences on your Mac machine and choose Security and Privacy option among the available options.
    mac apps authorization
  • From the Security and Privacy settings window choose General Click on Lock icon which is available at the bottom left corner from the General settings tab in order to unlock it. When you do this, you will be asked to enter the Password to verify whether it is done by authorized person or not. Enter password and click on Unlock button.
  • Now, click on the Anywhere radio button under the Allow apps downloaded from From the alert window click on Allow From Anywhere button to authorize the apps that are installed from anywhere.
  • Click on the Lock icon again to lock the settings and the settings will be saved immediately after clicking on the Lock icon.

applications from unidentified developer

Once you are done with changing the security settings on your machine, you can easily access any application. Right click on the application which is not authorized previously and select the Open option that is available from the right click options. Select the Open option again from alert to authoriz the application access. The application gets launched on your machine and you can easily access them. This is how you can make an un-authorized application accessible on Mac machine.


Originally posted 2015-03-24 14:19:48.