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How to add contacts on iPhone, iPad iOS deevices? – iPhone contacts

iOS contacts

How to add contacts on iPhone?

In general we can call up to your friends or relatives from an iPad or iPhone it there is cellular option available and if there is an active network. We mostly connect calls to our friends or relatives whose contact already exists on our phone. And, most rarely is the case of calling up to the numbers by entering the number on dial pad. This is the basis scenario which is followed by most of the people. Calling to the person whose contact exists on our phone is fine, but how do we get these contacts on our phone. We can only get those when we add them on our phone right? So, how to add contacts on iPhone? Let’s have a glance of the procedure of adding contacts on iPhone or iPad.

iPhone Contacts

Adding a new contact on iOS devices:

add contacts on iPhone

From your iPhone or iPad home screen, tap on ‘Extra’ icon to see the options available in it. Say, few applications like ‘Contacts’, ‘Compass’ and so on are generally categorized under Extra category, if not you can see them on your home screen itself. Choose the Contacts application and launch it. Here you can find two options beside the header name; one option resides on the left and the other on the right. The Groups option provides few other features like hiding up of contacts, importing the contacts from Gmail etc…

hide all contacts on iPhone

Now, in order to add contact, tap on the ‘+’ icon which is at the right side of the header. This will navigate you to the ‘New Contact’ page. Here you have to provide the details like First / Last / Company name and can also upload profile picture. All the existing fields are optional and you may not provide all those. You can also provide the contact number by tapping on ‘+add phone’ option. Along with this you can also provide email id and URL of any website etc… You can set any ringtone as desired and can also set text tone etc… There were lots many options which you can add up while creating a Contact. This is how you can add contact on your iOS devices.


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