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Download and Install SnapChat on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac

SnapChat for iPhone, iPad andMac

How to download and install SnapChat on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac:

What is SnapChat meant for?
Till now we have seen many messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Hike, Viber etc. Now we have one more beautiful app for messaging that is SnapChatSnapChat is one of the best messenger apps. It is used to have conversation with your friends. You can enjoy fast and fun mobile conversations with SnapChat. Take a snap in the form of a photo or video and add a caption and now you can send it any of friends. The difference between other messenger apps and SnapChat is when you send an image/video file in this app it disappears automatically from the device of the receiver unless the receiver saves it or takes a screenshot of it. Suppose, you have a story of your day and you want it share it your friends along with images, you can even do it with SnapChat. Take a snap and attach it with the story with a single tap and then share it with your friends. Your friends can view your story along with images and they can laugh by seeing the images. You have also, the facility to share a live video with each other and can even chat with each other face to face using SnapChat. It supports languages such as English, Arabic, Bokmal, Norwegian, Deutsch, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

Download and Install SnapChat:
The latest version of SnapChat available in AppStore is 7.0.10 updated on 03 October 2014 and it is of size 12.8 MB. Open AppStore in your device. You must have a registered Apple account before you try to install any app in your device. Register for an Apple account. Search for SnapChat app. You will find SnapChat app among the search results. Select the app and tap on the free button icon, the app starts installing in your device. Once it is installed an Open button will be shown under the app name. Tap on the Open button to re-direct to the app.

To install this app on Mac or PC, you need to install BlueStacks emulator firstly on your Mac or PC. Then you can open this app using BlueStacks. You can use this app on Mac or PC as you use on iPhone.

snap chat app

SnapChat Compatibility:

  • It is compatible with iOS devices of 6.0 or later
  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • It is specially optimized for iPhone5

How SnapChat works?
First of all signup into account with any email id. You must provide email address, password and birthday in order to sign up for a Snap Chat account. Next pick a username for yourself. Make sure that you are selecting a unique identifier for the user name. Once you create a username for yourself, you can’t change it anymore. So be careful while choosing usernames. Your friends can converse with you using your user name. Your user name will be shown under your real name in your friend’s contacts list.

snap chat signup

You can find your friends in the SnapChat list by entering your Mobile number in the Find Friends tab. Once you enter your mobile number, it will list you out the people who are in Snap Chat. So, you can add your friends from the list, by searching for the desired person. You can search for your friend, using search bar or by scrolling over the list of people in SnapChat. Suppose, if your friends have blocked you from their contacts, you will not get any notification saying that you are blocked. The person details will just disappear from your contact details and you can no longer search for the person using Snap Chat search engine.

snap chat find friends

To take snaps of photos or videos, go the home screen of SnapChat app and then focus on the area that you want to take snap. By just tapping on the screen you can take a photo and by holding it for a period of time your video gets recorded.

snap chat share picture

Once the photo or video is taken it will be saved. You can to your gallery by tapping on the downward arrow at the bottom of the screen. And even you can edit your pictures using SnapChat app by tapping on the Edit icon at the top right corner of the screen. The beautiful feature with Snap Chat is you can set time for how much time your friends can view your images. You can do this by tapping on the Timer on the bottom left corner of the screen. One more thing to be noted is we can’t import photos or videos from your device. You can only send images by taking new snaps using the Snap Chat app. You can add captions to the images while sharing by using Add Caption option.

how to share snapchat image

Once you have made all the changes to your images you can send them by tapping on the side Arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen. When you click on the arrow you friends list gets popped up. Select people from your friends list, and send the image to your friends. Tap on the Cube icon at the bottom left corner of the home screen to view your chat log. In the chat log to view the conversation by tapping on press and hold to view disclosure button of the respective person’s chat. A count will be increased over the Cube icon whenever you get a new message in the Home screen. If you want to reply to a person you just double tap on the message.

snapchat settings

You can edit the settings of Snap Chat app by tapping on the Gear icon on the top right corner of Snap Chat screen. You can change the settings such as Mobile number, Email; Send me Snaps, Privacy Policy, Terms and Clear Feed. If you want to logout of your Snap Chat app, just tap on Logout button from Settings page.

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