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How to download and install iMobile AnyTrans app for PC and Mac?

iMobile AnyTrans app for PC

Get the iMobile AnyTrans app to save music and other files on iPhone, iPod and iPad from PC and Mac:

iMobile AnyTrans app is one of the best apps to manage your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It might be photos, music or apps what not, you can manage everything on your phone.  It doesn’t allow you to lose any form of data from your iPhone. It’s developed by iMobile, which is one the famous iPhone content management developers. It provides the best way of content management so that the data is always consistent with no loss.

How to download and install iMobile AnyTrans app?

You can download the AnyTrans free version of the app by navigating to Download AnyTans free, and get the AnyTrans full version app navigate to AnyTrans full version. You need to the subscription if you wish to choose the full version of the app. The features of the app may vary depending on the version of the app. After downloading the app run the setup file to begin the installation process. Follow the guidelines provided in the windows shown during the installation process to continue the installation.

Features of iMobile AnyTrans app:

Transfer of files from Device to Device:

AnyTans app provides the best way of transferring content from an iPhone to another.  The transferring of data is speedier than the default apps that exists on your iPhone.

iMobile AnyTrans 4 free download mac pc iphone

Rebuilding of iTunes Library:

Don’t worry when you lose your music files on PC or machine; AnyTans app can reconstruct your iTunes Library by exporting music from iPhone, iPod or iPad. So, by this, you can never lose your data.

Managing Playlists:

Similar to iTunes you can create, edit and manage your playlists. You can copy and save music in simple steps with the iMobile AnyTrans app.


The AnyTrans app is compatible with the existing models of iPhone, iPad and iPod and is also made compatible with the upcoming models.

Provides syncing of data without the help of iTunes:

You no longer need to sync the music files and data with iTunes. It is made easy with the AnyTrans app.

Transferring of data:

You can easily export and import data from PC or Mac to iPhone, iPod or iPad and vice versa with the AnyTrans app with no additional efforts.

The AnyTrans app covers most of the features that iTunes provide and in additional to the usual experience of iTunes you can gain additional benefits with this app.

Originally posted 2016-07-05 21:26:37.