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Download, Install and Play Whale Trail Frenzy on iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC

Whale Trails Frenzy mac book pc

How to Download and Install Whale Trail Frenzy Game on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac book, PC and Mac:

What is Whale Trail Frenzy Game?
Whale Trail Frenzy is a colourful game. Whale Trail Frenzy game is designed and developed by Ustwo Studio Ltd. Here the entire game is about Whale surfing in clouds. The size of the game is 48.9 MB. This game can be downloaded free from app store. This is a very simple game and interesting. If you really want to enjoy gaming and if you want to pass the time with fun then play this Whale Trail Frenzy colourful game. Why Whale Trail Frenzy is a colourful game? because all the rainbow colours are used in this game and the animations, graphics used in this game are attractive and colourful. This game attracts your eyes with beautiful colour effects.

Whale Trails play

How to Download and Install Whale Trail Frenzy Game on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch:
Playing this game is very fun. If you want to play this colourful game, you need to install this game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For this purpose you need to download Whale Trail Frenzy from apple’s app store. To download this game follow the link Download Whale Trail Frenzy or you can go to app store and search using “Whale Trail“. Install this game on your iOS device. If you are not aware of installing games or apps on iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch, then check “How to install apps or games on iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch using iTunes.

How to Download and Install Whale Trail Frenzy Game on Mac, PC and Mac book
If you want to install Whale Trail Frenzy game on Mac, PC, Windows or Desktop, you need to install an emulator to play this game. To install an emulator on Mac, PC, Windows or Desktop, you have to follow few steps. Bluestacks is an Android Player emulators. Install Bluestacks on your machine by following the link “How to install Bluestacks on Mac, PC, Windows or Desktop”. And then search for the game “Whale Trail Frenzy” in Bluestacks Android Player. Install the game in Bluestacks and play Whale Trail Frenzy on your Windows, Mac book, Mac or PC.

Whale Trails Frenzy download install play

Whale Trail Frenzy Game Compatibility with iOS:

  • Compatible with the iOS versions iOS 4.3 and later versions of iOS.
  • This game is optimised for iPhone 5.
  • This game can be installed on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

How to play Whale Trail Frenzy?
Playing Whale Trail Frenzy is very simple.Whale is the main character in this game. Whale surfs on clouds. The interesting thing here is the Whale will not surf in sea, It surfs on clouds. The graphics are good to see and you will enjoy this game. Stars, Balls, Clouds, Sun and Rainbow all these things are very colourfully arranged in Whale Trail Frenzy. The sound tracks used in this game are very pleasant.

Whale Trails Frenzy iphone ios

Playing this game is very easy. You need to move the Whale towards the colourful Balls and Stars. Collect all the Stars, Bubbles and Suns by moving the little Whale on clouds. In between you will find some bonuses are comes in your path. By tapping on the screen the Whale will fly up and by releasing the finger the Whale will descend. If you tap on screen without releasing the finger from the screen, The Whale will move in a curve shape.
There are some stormy clouds. These clouds will in dark grey colour. If the Whale touches the clouds, then the Whale have to face shock waves from stormy clouds. These shock waves reduces the life of the Whale. If the Whale faces the shock waves of the stormy clouds for three or four times, then the entire life of the Whale will up and falls down in to white clouds. There is a monster like creature in white clouds. That will swallow the Whale and the level fails.

Whale Trails Frenzy mac book pc

After getting bonuses you can activate Turbo mode. Turbo mode is a special mode in Whale Trail Frenzy to protect the Whale from clouds shock waves. The Dark grey stormy clouds moves away from the Whale in this Turbo mode. So that the Whale cheats clouds and Whales can surf on clouds freely. You can enjoy this game on big screen (Mac, Mac book, PC) too. SO follow the above tips to play this game on big screen.

Whale Trail Frenzy game

Features in Whale Trail Frenzy game:

There are few significant features available in Whale Trails Frenzy game.

  • The colour effects of the game are good.
  • Stars, Balls, Clouds and Suns graphics and animations are attractive.
  • The sound effects are pleasant.
  • Easy to play.

Whale Trails Frenzy is a fun game. Adults also love to play this game like kids. You will never felt bore while you playing this game.

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