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Download and Install Nike + Running App on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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Nike + Running App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad:

What is Nike + Running App?
In the recent times, we are observing most of the people are having more concentration on their health. For those who need to have fitness of body, they have started jogging or running kind of activities. You are daily performing this activity and you need to have a status of it, in that case in order to track your daily activity status Nike + Running app helps you a lot. The languages that the app supports are: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, English, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish

Nike + Running App Compatibility:

  • This app requires iOS 7.0 or later versions.
  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • Nike + Running app is optimized for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5.

Download and Install Nike+ Running app on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad:
You can download and install Nike + Running app on your device from App Store. Search for Nike + Running app. Tap on the Nike + Running app from the search results, and tap on Free button beside it. Then you will see Install button, once you tap on it the app gets installed on your device.

How Nike + Running App works?
The Nike + app helps you in guiding and providing training in measuring and motivating you to run farther and faster than ever before. Stay on the track that you are; no matter of place. It may be trail, treadmill, or streets, your iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer will accurately track your distance, pace and time. Open the Nike + Running app and create an account. Login to the app, tap on the Grab bar icon to view the menu. The options that are available in left side panel menu are Home, Activity, Friends, Challenges, Coach, Settings and Shop. You can also compare your daily track reports.

nike + running app iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Nike + app Home:
You can view your run status on each and every day even with route map also. The distance you have travelled, calories burnt etc… on a certain day and the day wise status can be viewed. Tap on the Run button on the header, to start recording the time taken and distance travelled.  You can set up your desired runs such as Basic Run, Distance Run, Time Run, and Speed Run. You can even set music also and you can even pause your runs.

nike + running app works settings challenges

Nike + app Activity:
Under Activity tab you can view all your activities that you have performed.

Nike + app Friends:
You can even friends on Nike+ Running app. You can add friends from Facebook or your contacts on Nike+.

Nike + app Challenges:
You can set your own goals and can pose challenges with your friends.

Nike + app Coach:
You can get guidance and training using this option. Get coaching tips and tricks from world-class coaches

 Nike + app Settings:
When you tap on the Settings icon, you will be navigated to the Settings menu. We have many options under the Settings menu such as Share Settings (sharing through Facebook, Twitter etc…), Privacy Settings (Public, Private and Social), Push Notifications, Run Countdown, Screen Orientation Auto Voice Feedback, Power songs, Leader Board on Home Screen, Run Scheduler, Retire a Shoe, About Nike+, Tour the app and Support  . You can even change your profile from Settings menu. Tap on the disclosure icon beside the person profile to change the profile of the person. You can your account information such as Units of Measure, Height, Weight and Gender. You can even logout of the account from Account information modal.

Nike + app Shop:
You can even shop for items using the Nike+ Running app.

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