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How do Mac Finder works? | How to search file, image using Mac Finder?

Mac Finder OS X Yosemite

What is Mac Finder?

Finder is one of the best options which we have with Mac machine. It helps the users finding out the applications or any other development relevant folders. In order to launch the Finder window, click anywhere on the screen.  If any of your current process windows are in open state minimize them and click on the screen to get Finder option beside the Apple icon at the top left corner of the screen.

How do Mac Finder works?

Click on the Finder menu icon to view the list of options available. Click on the About Finder option in order to view its details. This will give the details of the finder version. Click on the Preferences option among the menu options to modify its preferences. Here it shows you the options like Hard disks; CDs, DVDs and iPods; Connected servers and External Disks. Check any of these options to make them displayed on the home screen whenever such kinds of devices are connected. You can also check multiple options so that if any of them is connected it automatically shows them on the home screen.

Mac Finder

Now coming to the New Mac Finder Window option this will help you to set your Finder window.  Click on the dropdown field to view the list of options available. If you want to open a window of your user account, you can select the user name from the options or if you want to view the Macintosh HD window you can even choose that. You can choose any of your desired options and make them displayed accordingly in the Mac Finder window. You can also arrange the folders and windows as per your desired size. Here we have a scaling we provides sizing specifications for the folders.

Click on the Tags option to add any tags to in the sidebar and can also set the options that are to be displayed in the sidebar by clicking on Sidebar option. You can check as many options that you require to be displayed in the side bar. The Advanced option helps to arrange the window in such a way that it is even capable of showing the extensions, generating warning messages while changing the extensions, emptying trash etc…

After making the necessary changes, click on the Spotlight search icon. From the Spotlight search bar enter the text as Finder. When you search for it, as per the changes that are made it shows you the respective window. You can change the window view at any time by modifying the Finder preferences. This is how you can open up the window by making changes in the Mac Finder preferences.


Originally posted 2015-04-09 18:25:41.