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Germany iPad prices | Apple raises iPad and iPhone prices in Germany

Apple iPhone ipad euros price raised in germany

Apple has raised iPhone prices and iPad prices in Germany:

As per the recent news, it was conveyed that Apple has raised the iPhone and iPad prices in Germany. This decision has been taken at the beginning of the year as per the deal between the technical industry and the content producers.

From the beginning of the year, people residing in Germany has to pay the modified prices to the sellers in the German market. Earlier it has been around 739 Euros in the last year for the basic version of iPhone 6S (which is approximately equal to 806 dollars). With the increased prices the price of the basic version of iPhone 6S has been raised to 745 Euros (which is approximately equal to 812 dollars).

iPhone and iPad prices in germany

On an average, the iPad prices and iPhone prices were increased to a range of 5 to 7 Euros in the German market. With this increase in iPad prices and iPhone prices, for the iPad’s and iPhone’s you need to pay 5 to 7 Euros in additional to the original price which you paid earlier.

Not only Apple, there are many smartphone companies like Samsung which were also included in this deal of increasing prices. So, here after you need to afford an additional amount of 5 to 7 Euros for every purchase of your smartphone.

Apple raises iPhone and iPad prices in germany

This increased iPhone and iPad prices along with the other smartphone prices are really a hard deal for the users as they have to pay an additional amount to the original price. It is always better to make sure that you enquire in your nearest store before you make any smartphone purchases and choose the best providers.

Originally posted 2016-01-29 20:53:51.