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Free vShare download for iOS 9.3/ 9.2/ 9.1/ 8.4/ 8.3 without jailbreak

iPhone vShare download for iOS 9

If you are an iOS user and you must know this app for your iPhone device. vShare is a popular marketplace where you can download apps that are not available in App store and also the apps already available in App store. To download apps from vShare, you need not provide an apple id.

vShare for iOS 9.3/ 9.2/ 9.1/ 8.4/ 8.3 Download

The vShare download has two options.

  1. vShare download for iOS 9.3/ 9.2/ 9.1/ 8.4/ 8.3 with Jailbreak.
  2. vShare download for iOS 9.3/ 9.2/ 9.1/ 8.4/ 8.3 without Jailbreak.

The vShare download is free for both Jailbreak or non-jailbreak iOS devices. You need not enter Apple ID’s for vShare downloads, and also you need not Jailbreak iPhone.

Download the vShare app for iPhone

Apple’s App Store is already providing the apps and games for iOS devices, then why download the vShare app for iPhone? It is the doubt that arose for every new vShare user. There are many advantages using vShare as below:

  1. You can download any app for free, even the paid apps.
  2. You can download IPA files and share IPA files with other iOS users.
  3. Directly download the cracked versions of apps.
  4. Search and install apps for free.
  5. Download any new apps and paid apps for free.

Free vShare download for iOS 9.3/ 9.2/ 9.1/ 8.4/ 8.3 without JailBreak

The vShare app download is having two free download options for both JailBreak and Non-JailBreak iOS 9/ 8. So you can download and install the vShare app without JailBreaking your iPhone.

You need not JailBreak your iPhone and install the app vShare downloaded from the Cydia. You can download the vShare free app using your Safari browser.

Follow the below steps to install vShare app on iOS 8.3/8.4/ 9.1/ 9.2/ 9.3 without JailBrek:

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone which is having iOS 8.x (iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4, etc) or iOS 9.x (iOS 9.3, iOS 9.2, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.0.3, iOS 9.0.2, iOS 9.0.1 etc).
    Result: Safari browser opened in iPhone device
  2. Go to the official website of the vShare www.vshare.comdownload vshare for iOS 9.3 jailbrake cydiaResult: Now the Home screen (Headline as vShare and tagline as PAID APPS FOR FREE)prompts with two buttons at the bottom:
    Download (Unjailbroken),
    Download (Jailbroken).
  3. Tap on the button Download (Unjailbroken).download vshare free iOS 9.1
    Result: An alert message will pop up saying “SSL-API. appvv. Com would like to install vShare” with two buttons “Cancel” and “Install.”
  4. Tap on Install to continue the installation process.
    Result: If the installation is successful, then you will find the vShare icon on your iPhone home screen.
  5. Tap on the vShare icon on your iPhone.
    Result: If it is the first time, then iPhone prompts a message saying Untrusted App Developer, ask to confirm to run the app on your iPhone.
  6. Tap on the button Trust to continue.
    Result: It will open the vShare app and showcases the apps that are available on vShare.vShare download for iOS 8.4 cydia jailbreak

Is it safe to install apps from vShare on non-jailbroken iPhone?

It is a good question and worthy. So many are not aware that using vShare on non-jailbreak iOS is safe or not. Here you can find what happens when you use vShare on non-jailbreak iPhone.

Apple says that using any app from outside marketplaces is not safe. Apple tests every app before uploading it in App Store, to find the app is virus-free, malware-free, and followed the Apple guidelines. Any app should follow the Apple guidelines and should pass all the tests conducted by Apple.

cydia vshare download free iOS 8 9 for iphone , ipad

Apple also tests the apps at some scheduled times even after uploading it into App Store. By this way Apple taking care of the Apple devices to protect from Virus.

Other than this procedure, if you install any app from outside the App Store is just like opening the door for Virus.

But how vShare is safe? vShare also mentioned that the apps available in their marketplace are also safe and genuine. So, it may not harm your iPhone by installing apps from the vShare market.

Originally posted 2016-05-20 22:45:47.