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Flipagram FOR PC DOWNLOAD – WINDOWS 7, 8, 10.1, XP


In this short expository note, we’re going to tell you how to get Flipagram for PC Windows, what system requirements does one need to fulfill, and what good uses on Flipagram app have to make this app so fitting for Windows PC.

Download Flipagram

To begin with, the Flipagram app is a nice video editing app that can even help you to watch unlimited movies/TV shows free online, as well as lets you download them to your device using an internet connection. The app is easy to obtain and use. Let us know which requirements exist to get Flipagram for PC up and running on your device.

To get Flipagram for PC, you must require an Android emulator. These requirements also include those to run an emulator. Here they are

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
  • At least 2 GB hard disk space is required in your PC.
  • Appropriate windows video/audio drivers, compatible with your screen and other hardware.

Now we’ve covered the requirements for emulator installation, let’s see how you can get the Flipagram app for Windows PC for free, in just a handful of easy steps.


  • Download an Android Emulator we tend to recommend BlueStacks and Andy, which can be downloaded from the respective emulator’s official sites. The application software is about 30 MBs, so downloading these emulators shouldn’t take very long time for a decent internet connection.
  • Install the Emulator software on PC by running the downloaded .exe file.
  • Reboot the PC if asked while installing software. Do not set it for later.
  • Login using your Gmail account. This emulator software will help you get your desired apps from the Play Store. Make a fresh google account if you’re not comfortable using a previous ID.flipagram-for-pc-bluestack
  • Download Flipagram app for PC APK from the internet through your PC’s internet browser.
  • Right-click the downloaded file, choose Open With and then select the emulator.Use-Flipagram-Computer-Free-windows-mac
  • Let the app installed on your PC’s emulator app. Wait for the notification.
  • Now whenever you really want to install any app, simply open the emulator that you already installed and then double-click on the Flipagram to watch any free movies and free TV shows.

Flipagram FOR PC WINDOWS 7, 8, 10: FEATURES

There are many exciting features those you can enjoy the Flipagram for PC app. Let us list some of them.

  • Unlimited video effects to create. No more need to look through tens of websites riddled with ads.
  • Flipagram for PC download is easier to get, easier to use and also very light.
  • Quick access to recent movies, classics, cartoons, action, drama, comedy and all other features.
  • Flipagram is a free download that doesn’t come with any subscription fees
  • Watch TV shows/movies in SD, HD and from all qualities from 1080p, 720p or any 360p.
  • Fastest in updating with the latest content.

Flipagram apk for PC is easily available on the internet. Download the file and you’re all set.


For those of you who don’t want to get a third party software to play Flipagram on PC as far as it is avoidable, there is a way to go about watching TV Shows/Movies without having to download an Emulator or Simulator.

There is nothing complicated that you need to wrap your head around. Follow these simple and straightforward steps and get movies playing on your PC in no time. All you need is an Android phone with the app installed on it. You can also use Flipagram Lite mod apk to get this method going for you.

  1. Open Flipagram on your phone. Choose a movie to download and download it using your internet connection.
  2. If you have an older version of the app, the download will be available in the app itself. Newer versions of Flipagram app may allow the file to be downloaded via the Android manager as well.
  3. Once the video download is completed, connect your Android phone to your PC. Use the MTP connection.
  4. In your PC, go to the file explorer and enter My Computer. Enter the device. It should be showing up as a drive.
  5. Locate the downloaded file. Copy it to the desktop, or to any other folder you prefer.
  6. The file should be accessible as a media file, with common extensions including 3gp and mp4. Use a proper media player and enjoy.
  7. In case, by any chance, if you have an older version of the Flipagram app and the file has a .temp extension, then rename the file by replacing the temp extension with .mp4.

You’re ready to play the movies you have downloaded with “Flipagram for PC“. No need for Bluestacks at all! Cool, right?


Chromebooks are slightly different than PCs. They’re Android-based operating systems, so those familiar with a Samsung Galaxy/similar Android should have no trouble navigating it. However, downloading the apps/games from outside the official app stores are slightly complicated. Here’s what you need to do to get the Flipagram app for Chromebook.

  1. Launch Chrome. Go to the Chrome Web Store and then download “Twerk” app, which is an apk packager.
  2. Go to Chrome’s hamburger menu on the top right, and select More Tools. And then Choose Extensions.
  3. Enable Developer Mode on Chromebook’s app and check Allow in Incognito mode for App Runtime for Chrome.
  4. Download Flipagram apk file from the internet. Use the Lite mode apk whether if you don’t want any ads/torrent links.
  5. Now, go to Files in Chrome, and locate the downloaded apk in Downloads.
  6. Launch Twerk from Chrome.
  7. Drag and drop the Flipagram apk file from the downloads window to twerk.
  8. Change the name to “Flipagram for PC and the package name as com.tdo.Flipagram.
  9. Change the underlying specs to your preference. The recommended settings for most Chromebooks are turning Phone to Tablet and Portrait to Landscape. Change “Fixed Size” to “Scale” to allow manual realignment. You may also allow the app to be accessible offline.
  10. Click the magenta color button with the icon Android figure on it. Save to files. The app will be built
  11. Once again, head over to Chrome and go to More Tools. And Choose Extensions.
  12. You can now Load an Updated Extension from the button provided. Choose Flipagram in the location you saved it.
  13. That’s it. Launch the app from the button provided on the same screen.
  14. The app should be accessible right through the Chromebook’s desktop.

The process can be hard to do on your own, so make sure to follow along step by step. You’ll be playing the movie of your choice in no time with the Flipagram for PC download, and that too for free!