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Flickering bug observed from World Clock in Apple iPad

flickering bug on Apple iPad

Black background with distortions is observed from the World Clock window in Apple iPad:

A new bug was observed on the Apple iPad. A Black background flickering with distortions is observed at the header from the World Clock window in Apple iPad, let’s get into the complete details of this bug.

flickering bug on Apple iPad


I think most of you adjust of adjust your Clock settings right? But here is a bug which you have never seen. Launch the Clock application on your Apple iPad whether it might be iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 or any other model of iPad and few older models of iPhone like iPhone 5S. Now choose the World Clock option from footer options of the Clock window.

clock options on Apple iPad

Now you can find a list of default time zone clocks or the ones which you have added manually. Tap on the + icon beside the available clocks to add a new clock. Now enter a junk text (say, some random text) in the text field of Choose a City modal. Long tap on the text to find the Select options.

Now you can observe a black background flickering with distortions behind the Choose a City modal for few seconds. This bug was observed on most of the iPad’s like iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 etc. and few models of iPhone like iPhone 5S and doesn’t exist with latest models of iPhone like iPhone 6 Plus.

Even though this scenario was rarely used but people may get worried when it happens on their device on of a sudden. This is a minor bug that was observed mostly on Apple iPad’s so you need not worry when you observe this on your iPad or iPhone. Simply select the text and carry out your actions as usual or Cancel the modal if you do not want to carry out any operation.

Originally posted 2016-03-08 06:21:23.