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flashlight for iPhone | How to turn on or off flashlight on iPhone?

flashlight for iPhone

How to turn on flashlight for iPhone?

In general words we can say flashlight as torch as it provides lighting which resembles like a torch. In case if there is no power supply in your home or if there is no proper lighting here around in such cases you may require the flashlight.

LED flashlight was provided by the Apple developers as a feature of iPhone. The LED flashlight is capable of providing lighting to a broader range same as if we have day light to certain area. Apple has taken a lot of care when the deployment of LED flashlight was made onto the iOS device.

flashlight for iPhone

So, how to turn on flashlight for iPhone? Where do we have the flashlight option available on iPhone? Let’s see detailed answers to the above questions in this article. The flashlight for iPhone option is available under the Control Center. Swipe up from the bottom the iPhone screen to view the Control Center options.

From the available Control Center options, you can view Flashlight option mostly at the bottom left corner. When you tap on the Flashlight option, a light glows at the back of iPhone glowing and provides brightness to a wide range. You can really imagine how the lighting glows and spreads over.

This is how you can turn on flashlight for iPhone. And, in case if you want to turn off the flashlight for iPhone again swipe up from the bottom to see the Control Center options. When you tap on the Flashlight icon, the lighting gets automatically turned off.


Originally posted 2015-08-23 18:12:44.