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Fix iPhone 6S Overheating Home,Touch, 3D Touch, Sound, Turn off issues

Fix iPhone 6s issues overheating home,Touch id, 3d touch

Fix iPhone issues – Overheating Home button issues,Touch Id issues, 3D Touch screen issues, Sound issues:

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are latest mobiles  released by Apple with few exciting features. Fingerprint scanner and Force Touch are the tempting features of the iPhone 6S. But these features are getting many complaints from iPhone users. The issues of iPhone 6S are mentioned below:

Fix iPhone 6S Home button over heating or Touch ID problem or Fingerprint sensor issues:

There are many complaints from the iPhone owners about overheating issue. iPhone 6S is housing the Touch ID or Fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 6S. This button is overheating and getting hot, it is may be due to the Touch ID Fingerprint sensors. As per their complaints the Home button or Touch ID Fingerprint sensor is getting hot while charging the mobile. Due to this issue the iPhone is not even turning on and being idle without functioning. This is most annoying issue of the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus.

Fix iPhone 6S auto Turn off problem:

Fix iPhone 6s issues overheating home,Touch id, 3d touch

Few users complained that the device is turn off without any reason. Without user interaction the device is turning off and also mentioning that the turn off issue is not due to the Home button heating issue.

Fix iPhone 6S Sound issues:

As per the user’s complaints, the handsets are facing sound issues when the handset is playing with maximum sound. The speakers are not functioning properly while the volume of the speakers is set to maximum.

Fix iPhone 6S 3D Touch not working:

While opening links in Safari browser the 3D Touch not functioning properly and they are failing to open links. This issue was fixed for some users by resetting the handset.

All these unexpected shutdown issues, 3D Touch issues, sound issues and overheating home button issues are not replicating in 64GB iPhone 6S device and these issues are replicating in very few devices.

Expecting that Apple will fix all these issues in next release of the iOS 9. And all the above issues are getting fixed by resetting the handset. So try to reset the handset once you found any of these issues. If it doesn’t works better to go to an Apple service center.


Originally posted 2015-10-08 23:47:05.