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Fix broken screen for iPhone 4/ iPhone 5/ iPhone 6 | Fix broken screen for iPad 2/ iPad 3/ iPad 4/ iPad mini | Fix broken iPhone screen | Repair broken iPad screen

broken iPhone screen repair

How to fix broken screen for iPad 2/ iPad 3/ iPad 4/ iPad Mini/ iPhone 5/ iPhone 5C/ iPhone 5S/ iPhone 6:

Guys we usually face a problem when our iPhone/ iPad’s screen (front panel) gets damaged. Our complete view of iPhone/iPad depends on this front panel. As it is made of glass there are many chances of its damage. When you kids throws down while playing, or when you didn’t hold it properly while using it or in some other cases, if it is broken we worry a lot of its damage.  You can observe cracks on your front panel when it is broken. It looks very bad and it is also somewhat difficult to use it if your front panel is broken. If you have Apple Care+ warranty, Apple replaces the front panel at free of cost. If the warranty time is completed/ already you have replaced one, then how can we have the solution for this broken screen (front panel) of iPad/iPhone? Don’t worry guys we have a solution for the broken screen (front panel) of iPad/iPhone in our home itself.

Requirements to fix  or repair broken screen (front panel) of your iPad/ iPhone:

tool kit to repair broken screen iPhone iPad

Place an order of your iPad 2/iPad 3/iPad 4/iPad Mini/iPhone 5C/iPhone 5/iPhone 5c screen (front panel) in any e-commerce site. This front panel may not cost more than 14 to 25 dollars. Gather at least three sets of blades to cut the edges and to give support for edges make sure that the blades are longer in length so that it will be supportive for holding. Also, get one hair dryer which helps to provide heat for the glass so that is easy to remove. I think most of the guys have this at your home. And, finally, collect a soft cloth to clean the LED screen and screwdriver which helps to remove the screws. Once you are done with gathering, you can the replacement of front panel. If the blades and screwdriver are not available to you, you can place an order for complete kit along with the front panel. Use the above-shown kit to complete the replacement.

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Procedure to fix broken screen (front panel) of your iPad/ iPhone:

repair broken screen of iPhone and iPad

Before, you begin this process back up all your data using iTunes/ iCloud and then start the procedure by turning off the device. It is a sensitive process to fix broken screen (front panel) of your iPad/ iPhone. First take on these blades and start cutting the edges. Take a hair dryer and place it near the edges of the glass screen. Due to the heat, when you cut the edges with blades it becomes easy for you to remove the edges. Do not place the blades to deeper, if so your LED screen and digitizer gets damaged. Place the blades slightly only at the edges. Place a blade as support to one edge and continue removing the other edges by placing the blades at corners. Be, careful while doing this process. Better to wear glasses so that broken pieces don’t fall into your eyes. Also, take care while cutting the edges at Camera and Home buttons. This same basic step applies to all the other iOS devices:  iPad 2/ iPad 3/ iPad 4/ iPad Mini/ iPhone 5/ iPhone 5C/ iPhone 5S.

Fixing broken iPhone screen:

Now, let’s start the main procedure to fix broken screen (front panel) of your iPad/ iPhone. Remove the front panel, after cutting the edges. Here you can observe that the front panel is attached to the LED screen. Remove the screws, with the screwdriver, to disconnect the front panel from LED screen. Now, place the LED Screen to the left, here you can observe the motherboard, battery, speaker, camera etc… Now, disconnect the LCD connector by just pulling the LCD connector pin and place at aside.

broken iPhone screen broken iPad screen

Now, gently flip up the two locking cables on the digitizer to remove the front panel. Loose the cable and pair it away to remove the broken screen (front panel). Now, remove the Home button contact from the broken screen (front panel). Remove the screws, and open it with blades. Use the dryer to remove the contact if you can’t remove it with blades. Next remove the Cam player contact using blades, it easy to remove it.

broken screen (front panel) for iPhone iPad

Take the new front panel and place the Home contact and Cam player contact with the help of screws and blades. Now attach it to the motherboard by using the two locking cables. The way we dispatched should be followed to attach all the parts again. Now, clean the LED screen with a soft cloth and also remove any unwanted glue which exists on the LED screen. Finally, place the LED screen on the motherboard and then place the screen (front panel) on your LED screen. Press the front panel so that it gets best fitted to your iPad/ iPhone.

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