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‘Find My iPhone’ app | Locate your lost / stolen iPhone from PC or Mac

What is ‘Find My iPhone’ app for iPhone, iPad?

Its a very powerful and useful app to locate your lost or stolen iPhone. Have you ever think about your iPhone, what to do  if your iPhone is lost or stolen. Don’t worry iPhone have an application to locate your lost or stolen iPhone.

First of all you need to enable tacking mode ON in your iPhone.

Find My iPhone app settings:

Level 1:
Here are few simple steps to enable iPhone’s Find My iPhone.
1. Open Settings in your iPhone.
2. Tap on iCloud in settings. Then you may be asked for ‘APPLE ID‘.If you don’t have an apple id then create one before accessing Find My iPhone app. It’s free to create an apple id.
3. In iCloud you can find the ‘Find My iPhone‘. By sliding the button beside Find My iPhone option you can ON the option. Then your iPhone will prompt to if you want to allow this. Tap on Allow.
4. To lock your lost or stolen iPhone remotely, You need to set pass code.

Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone.


You can access the Find My iPhone option in an iPhone that runs on iOS 5 or later. And you can access Lost Mode option in iPhone which runs on iOS 6 or later.
Now you are done with the settings in your iPhone.

Level 2:
Now you have to find your lost or stolen iPhone in iCloud.com website. You can find your lost iPhone from any device like PC, Mac or iPad etc. Using any browser you can track your phone and you can perform LOCK, PLAY SOUND or MESSAGE etc on your iPhone using Find My iPhone.
1. Open icloud.com in any  device and any browser.
2. Sign in iCloud using your apple id and password.
3. Open Find My iPhone in iCloud. Again it will ask for your apple id and password.
4. You can select your device that registered for Find My iPhone by clicking on Devices button on icloud.com/#find.It will show a map locating the location of your iPhone once your device found.

It will show the device last known location for 24 hours. If the marker in green color, it means your device online and gray color indicates the device is in offline.


How to Play sound on lost or stolen iPhone using Find My iPhone?
If the map on icloud.com shows your lost device is nearby, You can make your play a louder sound on your lost device using Find My iPhone.
1. Sign in to icloud.com/#find using your apple id and password.
2. Select your device from Devices menu on the left top corner.
3. Now your device location will be shown on map if the location option is enabled in your iPhone. Your device must be enabled Find My iPhone in your iPhone settings. If you didn’t enabled, you may not find your device. Just follow the above Level 1 steps before your device lost or stolen.
4. Now click on play sound to play a sound on lost or stolen iPhone from the options shown on the map.

How to Turn on Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad?
If you lost your iPhone and if you don’t want others to access your iPhone data or iPhone applications, just lock your device from  icloud.com/#find.
After sign in and selecting your device, Click on the button “Lost Mode” which will shown on the  icloud.com/#find web site. If your iPhone already set with 4 digits pass code, it will be locked immediately. If your iPhone not set with pass code, Find My iPhone prompts for set a pass code. Then only your device will be locked. Remember the pass code that you set because you need to enter that pass code to access your phone when you found your lost or stolen iPhone.

How to Turn off Lost Mode on iPhone?
Once you have found your lost or stolen iPhone, You need to turn off lost mode. You can turn off lost mode by entering the pass code on your device. And also you can turn off by visiting Find my iPhone site and click on “Stop Lost Mode” there.

How to Erase your lost iPhone?
If you decided your device will not find, you can go with this final option. Do this only when you lost your hope. By clicking on Erase button the device will be erased permanently. It also disables GPS in your lost iPhone. So Find My iPhone doesn’t tracks your lost device.

You can also do all the above operations from any iDevice using Find My iPhone app. You can do it from iPad or another iPhone or other iOS devices. You need to enter apple id and password in that Find My iPhone app. This is alternative option than using Find My iPhone web site from the browser. Remember that you must need to enable the Find My iPhone option in your device before it get lost. Also enable GPS to track exact location of your lost or stolen iPhone.

How to Show call button on lost or stolen iPhone?


Find My iPhone also have an option to show call button on your lost iPhone. Enter the number to be called then the lost or stolen iPhone shows call button. By clicking on that button you will receive a call from your lost iPhone.

How to Show a custom message on lost or stolen iPhone?


You can also set a custom message to be showed on your lost iPhone from Find My iPhone. It will give an option to set a custom message. The custom message will be shown on the lock screen of your lost iPhone.

How to download and install Find My iPhone app on iPhone, iPad?


You can download the Find My iPhone application directly from app store. It is also available for iPad and iPhone etc iOS devices. By using this app you will have an option to “drive to device location”. And also you can see battery charging status, You can play a sound for two minutes. The LOST MODE and DRIVING DIRECTIONS of mobile are available in iOS 6 or later versions only.  Find My iPhone 3.0 is requires iOS 7 or later.

Originally posted 2014-05-05 09:09:07.