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Find A Grave from Ancestry to find your ancestors final rest place

Find a Grave app

Find A Grave app:

We have one more amazing and beautiful app from i.e., Find A Grave. There are about hundreds of millions of graves which exist around the world. You can find a grave at your fingertips itself by using this app. You can find the graves at anytime from anywhere and can also share the headstone photos instantly. Also create memorials in order to honor your favorite ancestors.  Let’s see few more features and the usage of the app.

Compatibility of Find A Grave app with iOS devices:

Even though the application is iPhone 5, it is compatible with devices like iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that has 7.0 or higher grade versions of iOS installed on them.

Get Find A Grave app for iOS devices

You can get this app installed on any compatible device by downloading and installing from App Store. Download and Install the app from App Store with a registered Apple ID.

How to use Find A Grave app?

Launch the application and sign up for an account to view the features available in the app. Search for a person for whom you need to checkout grave details. It shows you the person details in the first tab and you can also add the location to GPS or even you can share the details of the person with your friends or relatives. There are two options that are provided in this app. One is searching for the Memorials and the other is searching for cemetery. Cemetery is nothing but a graveyard where all the people’s burials are placed.

Find A Grave

You can search for the nearest cemetery and can also search for the cemeteries across the world. Use the location maps facility in the app in order to search for a cemetery. You can even search for the memorials using the location maps feature available with the app.  You can even capture images and add those details to the person profile or save them for your future reference or to share the details with anyone.

You can access to the largest collection of graves information for free and can also locate the sites, where your loved ones are buried using the search feature.  As the app updates all the information day by day you can view or request for the headstone or other photos. The information from the app is updated by the volunteers who are 200,000 in number across the world who work on this.  You can also create new memorials and details of those from the app. Of sure, by using this app you can never miss your loved ones by visiting their rest place or viewing their details.


Originally posted 2015-05-14 23:19:49.