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Final Fantasy 7 on PC, Mac | Play Final Fantasy 7 on iPhone, iPad

Final Fantasy 7 iPhone

Play Final Fantasy 7 game on PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad:

Final Fantasy 7 game on iPhone / iPad:
Final Fantasy 7 is a kind of role-play video game. Now, coming to the history of the Final Fantasy 7, it is first developed by Square Enix as the one of the installment of Final Fantasy series. Later it was released for Sony PlayStation followed by Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Network and Steam. Finally, in 2014 it was released for both iPhone and Android through a Japan-only streaming service called Dive In.

Final Fantasy 7 iPhone

Final Fantasy 7 is the first game that uses 3D computer graphics. It features mainly on the pre-rendered backgrounds and with the rendered characters. The characters involved in this game strictly follows protagonist Cloud Strife, a mercenary and he is the person who initially joined the eco-terrorist rebel organization called AVALANCHE. He can also stop the world-controlling megacorporation Shinra from draining the life of the planet to be used as an energy source. When there is a progress in the story the Cloud and his allies’ starts involving in to a larger world threating conflict. They face off against Sephiroth, who is the main antagonist of the game.

Play Final Fantasy 7 game on iPhone / iPad:
Generally, the PlayStation games will not be available for iPhone/iPad. But, we can play the Final Fantasy 7 on iPhone/iPad. You have to use the PS3 Controller in order to play Final Fantasy 7 iPhone/iPad version. Learn more about using PS3 Controller for Final Fantasy 7 iPhone/iPad version, by clicking on this link Play PlayStation games using PS3 Controller. By following the steps and instructions mentioned in the link you can enjoy playing the Final Fantasy 7 iPhone/iPad version. Let’s see the areas in the gameplay as well as the characters involved.

Final Fantasy 7 game on PC / Mac:
Playing Final Fantasy 7 game on PC or Mac is now easy. Final Fantasy VII is now optimized to play on PC. It supports hardware having Windows operating system. So you can Install Final Fantasy 7 game on PC having windows OS and you can easily Uninstall it. And also you can Install and Play Final Fantasy 7 on Mac using BootCamp. Don’t you know what is BootCamp and how to BootCamp works? BootCamp is a software which enables your Mac machine to run Windows applications on it. If you want to know more about BootCamp follow the url BootCamp on Mac.
Final Fantasy game on PC

Minimum (System) PC requirements to play Final Fantasy 7 on PC:
Operating System – Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows Xp, either 32 bit or 64 bit.
Processor – Minimum 2 GHz.
RAM – Minimum 1 GB.
Graphics – DirectX 9.0 C.
Hard Disk – Minimum 3 GB of Hard Disk space.

Play Final Fantasy 7 Game:
The Final Fantasy 7 iPhone/iPad version primarily consists of three major areas which are Battle screen, Field maps and the Overworld map. The Battle screen is an area which is represented in 3D. Here, we have interior building’s or open grasslands and the player commands the characters involved in the battle using CPU controlled enemies. But remember that it allows only three characters per battle. The characters involved here are super deformed on maps and they are more realistic and normal scaled in combat. The characters in these Field maps are directed across realistically scaled environments which consist of 2D pre-rendered backgrounds. Here, initially the player is restricted to use the city of Midgar. Once the game starts into progress, you can access the entire world. The Overworld map is also a 3D model and it features a scaled down version of the game’s fiction world. Here, the player travels between game locations, where they can travel on foot, chocobos, airship and sea vessel. It also provides an additional means of transportation called Buggy. These are the three major areas that you observe while playing the Final Fantasy 7 iPhone/iPad version.
Final Fantasy 7 Characters :
There are nine characters which are involved in Final Fantasy 7 iPhone/iPad version. The characters involved are:

Final Fantasy game on Mac

  • Cloud Strife: He is said to be an unsociable mercenary and aims to be the former 1st Class Member of the Shinra’s Soldier Unit.
  • Barret Wallace: He is a leader of anti-Shinra rebel group AVALANCHE.
  • Tifa Lockhart: He is a martial artist and also a member of the AVALANCHE and also he is a childhood friend of Cloud.
  • Aerith Gainsborough: He is a flower merchant who is pursued by the Shinra’s special operations unit and the Turks.
  • Red XIII: He is wise lion-like creature, on whom Shinra scientists do experiments.
  • Cait Sith: He is a fortune- teller and the person who also rides animated moogle doll.
  • Cid Highwind: He is a pilot and always dreams of being the first man to outer space.
  • Yuffie Kisaragi: He is a young ninja and he is a skillful thief.
  • Vincent Valentine: He is former member of Shinra’s Turks unit.

You can install this game only on jailbroken iPhone/iPad, as Final Fantasy 7 is not yet released in App Store.


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