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Fiddler downloader for Mac PC | Analyzing traffic on iOS devices, Mac


What is Fiddler meant for?

Want to capture HTTP traffic on your iOS device? You can do this with the help of a tool called Fiddler. This tool is meant to capture the HTTP and HTTPS traffic in a web browser in PC, Mac as well as an iOS device.  In order to capture the HTTP traffic, you need to install the tool on PC or Mac machines to check the traffic with respective to your machine as well as an iOS device.

How to analyze traffic in an iOS device?

Download and Install this app on PC or Mac machines by navigating to Download App URL.  As it available for Free, you can download it by clicking on Free Download button to begin the downloading progress. Once the set up file is downloaded, run the file to install it on your PC or Mac. Launch the tool, once it is installed on your machine. From the menu bar click on Tools option and choose Connections from the App options (Tools-> Fiddler Options -> Connections).

fiddler settings

From the app Options window, check the Allow remote computers to connect option and click on Ok button and re-start the app. Also make sure that there no restrictions on your network firewall.  Make a note of IP address you machine which is used in modifying the Wi-Fi address of your iOS device.  Navigate to the Fiddler IP (http://fiddlermachineip:8888/)  to check whether your iOS device can reach the app or not. If settings are properly made, then you will be directed to the Echo Service page.

fiddlr iPhone

Choose the iOS device, on which you need to capture the traffic and connect it to your PC or Mac machine. Launch Settings on your device and navigate to Wi-Fi settings. Choose the network that you need to modify the proxy address. Tap on the ‘I’ icon beside Wi-Fi address and tap on Manual tab below the HTTP Proxy to change the proxy address. Now enter the server address as the IP address of the machine on which the app is running and enter the Port number as 8888 and turn off Authentication service.

installing certificate profile

In order to better decrypt the HTTPS traffic from an iOS device, download the Certificate Maker Plug-in for the app on your iOS device and install it by navigating to ipv4 of Fidd ler (http://ipv4.fiddler:8888/) and also install the certificate on your machine by choosing the app plug-in.  Verify the certificate on your iOS device by tapping on Install button from the Install Profile modal. The certificate will be verified and here after you can capture the traffic on your iOS device using this tool.


Originally posted 2015-03-10 16:46:17.