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Fantastical app download and installation on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

fantastical app

What is Fantastical app meant for?

Till now we have seen the default calendar apps which were provided by Apple. There is one more third party calendar app which has been designed to provide convenient user access. It allows you to view, add and interact with the reminders and events which are saved in the Dashboard.  It is one of the best apps which have received awards for its best performance. In fact it works better than Apple’s Calendar and Reminder apps. You can schedule day, week, month or even the entire year using the Fantastical app.


It is so miserable that the Fantastical app is available only for iPad and is not available for iPhone or iPod touch. This app supports only the iPad devices that have 8.0 or later versions of operating systems installed on them.

Download and Install Fantastical app for iPad:

Make sure that you have a compatible iOS device before downloading and installing the app. Search for the app by tapping on the Search icon and hit the app from the search results. Now tap on the Get button to install the app. If you are already registered with the Apple ID on your device the app gets installed directly, if not you need to enter the Apple ID by tapping on the Choose Existing Apple ID option.

How to use Fantastical app?


Launch the app on your iPad device and navigate to the home page. Select any date and add an event for that date. You can choose any date that exists in the Calendar and can associate an event for that particular date. You can associate as many events that you want for a particular day. Add reminders so that, the app reminds you at appropriate time regarding the particular task. You can add or view multiple events or reminders by the way you want to view them. All the events and reminders are shown on the Dashboard and you can view them at any time. You can also customize your dashboard with any gestures that you like.

View all the events and reminders together in the main list and can also add reminders from the Reminders list directly. Flip the switch toggle button between the events and reminders to add a new event or reminder. Start your sentence with ‘task’, ‘reminder’, ‘remind me to’ or ‘todo’ whenever you create new reminders. You can also create with phrases. The events that are going to happen today can be viewed under the Today’s Extension along with the facebook events and it helps you to get reminded of each and every event so that you will never miss you schedule.


Originally posted 2015-03-20 19:35:53.