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Fairway Solitaire game download for Mac PC, iPhone, iPad, iOS devices

What is Fairway Solitaire game meant for?

The Fairway Solitaire game which was developed and released by the Big Fish Games Incorporations was loved by many of the card players.  This is a quite more interesting than the other solitaire games. IT is one of the award-winning video game which is based on the classic card game.  Being inspired by the Caddyshack, it provides the players a modified type of solitaire game with a golf theme. It is quite interesting right? Let’s see more about this game.

Compatibility of Fairway Solitaire game with iOS devices:

The game play was specially optimized for iPhone 5 and is compatible with the devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 4S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad, iPhone 5S and iPod touch that are having iOS 6.0 or later versions of operating systems installed on them.

How to get Fairway Solitaire game for Mac, iPhone, PC, iPad and iPod touch:

You can get the gaming for PC environment by downloading the setup from the PC Download URL. Get the app for your desktop environment and enjoy the gameplay. You can also play the game online in Mac environment or you can play the game on simulator environment of your machine. Install a simulator like BlueStacks or iPadian or a simulator that is obtained through Xcode and run the app on the simulator and enjoy the gameplay.

Also get the gaming app for any of your compatible iOS devices from App Store. Use Apple credentials while downloading the app and get the app on your real device.

How to play Fairway Solitaire game?

Fairway Solitaire download

Launch the gaming app and get started with the game play. Here this is a single player where its theme is based on the golf theme and follows few guidelines of the classical card game. You need to clear level by level and the next level gets unlocked only when the previous level is cleared. Here players have to use playing cards and golf clubs in order to clear the game. You will come across the daily challenges apart from the man tournaments. Win trophies by clearing the challenges and here you will never run out of lives. You can play as much as you can without the fear of lives. Register yourself with an account so that you can sync the game on any of the devices and can continue the game play. View your scores on the leadership boards and play strategies to win the tournament and can gain trophies, prizes and even cash also. Why to waste your time, try the game and win the most exciting prizes.


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