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Failure of iOS 9 Beta 1 giving rise to the development of iOS 9 Beta 2

iOS9 Concept

Failure of iOS 9 Beta 1 leads to the development of iOS 9 Beta 2 :

As we all now Apple continuously strives in developing new features for their users and in the coming feature it is going to come up with iOS 9. Till now we have enjoyed the amazing features of iOS 8. It’s time for iOS 9, but before the release of it Apple provides beta versions of the latest OS available for its users. As part of release of beta versions, Apple has first released iOS 9 Beta 1 but because of its failure it has to revise the existing beta version and has to come up with a new beta version.

iOS 9 Beta 2 features:

Currently we have iOS 9 Beta 2 available and let’s see the improvised features over iOS 9 Beta 1.  Coming to the UI, the Podcasts icon was changed to a new kind of attracting icon which looks much attractive and glowing experience. This was mainly intended to attract the users. The News app was also re-designed to provide much more effective information up to date. Collaborating with many News partners it provides the latest information across the world. You can also view the News option among the iCloud settings. If you subscribe to the News in any device, you can also view to those subscribe news from any other iOS device through the iCloud Sharing feature.

And, with respect to the Safari settings, the Contents Blocker option was removed with the introduction of showing/hiding the Favorites bar option.  You can view all the available options in Safari, by navigating to Safari settings from Settings page. Coming to the point of Keypad options, till now we have seen the emotions and the predictive text options apart from that we have newly introduced Undo/Redo option available in the keypad.

iOS 9 Beta 2

Few other features are related to the Apple Watch, Battery and the continuity feature. The naming of Apple Watch was re-named to Watch and most of its features were left same with minor changes in it. And, if you are working on any application in your device, with the latest iOS you can switch immediately to the task with a multi-tasking window which was left off on any other iOS or OSX device with the continuity feature. And finally the Low Battery option, it provides a power saving mode. It provides indications based on your battery level and when the power saving mode was turned off all the background applications will stop running and only the main tasks keeps on running. Even the spotlight search options get hidden when this mode is enabled. These were few improvements of iOS 9 Beta 2 over iOS 9 Beta 1.


Originally posted 2015-06-30 21:29:47.