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Facebook’s live video streaming on iPhone, iPad, iOS devices and Mac

F8 live streaming and FaceBook live video streaming

Facebook’s new launches live video streaming on iPhone, iPad, Mac and iOS devices:

Facebook has started providing live video streaming to the iPhone users. In recent past, while announcing its revenue, it has conveyed that the live streaming was initiated for iOS and soon it is going to launch for Android.

With the latest streaming video feature, you can have a Live connect with friends and family on Facebook. Currently, the live stream was available only in the US for the iPhone users and hopefully this would be extended to worldwide in the nearest future.

This live video streaming service has started up with the help of a California-based iPhone application and, later on, Facebook has started extending this service to its users. With this live streaming feature, it makes the broadcasting of live videos easier.

F8 live streaming and FaceBook live video streaming

You can share the streaming videos in the easiest way as if you share the normal videos from Facebook. You can find this live streaming videos under the News Feed tab and people can watch these videos and get notifications about the latest broadcasts with subscriptions.

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Very soon FB live streaming is going to be released for Android platform

Soon, Facebook is planning to extend this live video streaming feature for the smartphones with the Google backend Android service. Facebook is going to quick start this soon due to its revenue which it has incurred in the recent past.

Facebook Live video streaming on iPhone iPad iOS devices

Facebook has reached revenue in terms of billions from millions by the end of last quarter. The shares were also increased tremendously. This was really a great news from Facebook. To make this success prolong for la longer time, Facebook is planning to bring up the live video streaming feature all across the world both in Apple iOS as well as Android platforms. And this live streaming feature will be released out sooner for all the smartphone users and hopefully, the number of people using Facebook and its shares may increase more rapidly.

Originally posted 2016-02-03 23:41:03.